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The Right Horse Feed

Horse Names 11/12/2019
The Right Horse Feed

Even horses are in the mood for a variety of feed. In addition to the usual oats or barley, there are a lot of other useful feed options for our four-legged friends, such as cereal. In general, the feeding of cereals is not necessary because oats and mineral feed are sufficient for the animals. If you do not want to feed a special mineral feed, you can calm your conscience with a mineral lick. The horses use it to pick up all the minerals they need. Not every horse likes mineral licks, so you should pay attention to whether it is used to switch to mineral feed in briquette form or pellets.

Muesli for Horses

But now again to the cereal. There are special and many different muesli varieties, some of which have highly concentrated contents and should be fed carefully. The manufacturers print the respective feeding recommendation on each sack of cereal, which should also be complied with. This feeding recommendation is tailored to each type of horse and to the workload of a horse. For difficult horses with a light nervous costume, make sure to feed a cereal without added oats. Animals with a sensitive stomach should eat easily digestible mash. Even for old horses, whose teeth no longer have the desired chewing activity, Mash is a good alternative to taste and easy to digest the horse to do something good and not unnecessarily lose weight.

Roughage – Hay

Forage plays a major role for every horse and should be available daily in large and sufficient quantities to each horse. For the seniors among the horses, haycobs are very important. These become slightly pulpy with the addition of water and therefore easy to digest even for the pensioner horses. Hay is also available in pressed form as space-saving hay hoppers, which are fed directly into the feeding trough and are ideal for traveling and tournaments.

Juice Feed – Fruits and Vegetables

As a treat, juice is recommended in smaller quantities. Apples and carrots are on the menu for many horse owners on the menu for the animal. But beetroot, bananas and various citrus fruits are also fed. Who wants to give his horse bread, should make sure that the bread is completely hard and dried, otherwise it is not digestible for the horse.

Grass – StapleFood in The Summer

For many horses the grass is food no. 1 in the summer. One should make sure before the pasture that the horses are grazed in appropriate times, in order to prevent colics and Reheschüben. Also on the first days, the feeding of roughage in the pasture is recommended to facilitate the conversion of the horses. Horses that do not do any strenuous work during the summer, for these animals, the nutrition through grass, which ensures the energy supply all around. Animals that continue to work and are under heavy use should be supplemented with concentrated feed and sufficient mineral feed.


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