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Halters and Ropes for Horse and Pony

Horse Names 22/01/2020
Halters and Ropes for Horse and Pony

Halters and ropes belong to the basic horse accessories and must not be missing in any riding stables. With the help of halter and lead rope, the horse is led, tethered for cleaning, fastened in the trailer for transport and taken to the meadow or the paddock. For safety reasons, a horse should never be led by a halter but additionally with a rope. The rope usually has a normal hook or a panic hook and is attached to the designated ring on the halter.

Halter is available from many different manufacturers. For example, the Eskadron halter is available in all sorts of variations, colors and sizes, and is available in all price segments, so that the right halter can be found for every horse or pony. Halters are available in a variety of materials. From the cheap and easy nylon halter to the high-quality leather halter everything is available. There are also pasture halters, underlined halters, knot halters and matching ropes and chains. Since the halter must fit well and not be too tight or too loose, they are available in all sizes such as Shetland Pony, Pony, Thoroughbred, Warm Blood and Heavy Blood or Cob and Full. So that the halter does not push or scrub, it is important to use the right size; only so a high wearing comfort and the correct functionality is guaranteed.

In addition to the simple nylon halters, you can also reach for some higher-quality underlayed halter, which protect the nose bridge and neck with a padding on the nose strap and the neck piece. For sensitive horses, there are also special halters with lambskin or fleece underlays, which avoid pressure points and reduce friction. Special knot halters or training halters are suitable for a special training, which should improve the communication between horse and rider and is a training aid for ground work, exercises, guiding and loading. However, it is not suitable to bind the horse and it should be consciously worked with it. With the matching halter and knitting can also set fashionable accents, as many manufacturers now offer a wide range of trendy and stylish holsters and sell them in the most colorful colors, with fashionable embellishment or even with rhinestones and glitter. This makes every horse and pony with halters a good figure and is an eye-catcher at the cleaning place or in the meadow.

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