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Saddle Pads

Horse Names 17/08/2019
Saddle Pads

Saddle pads should be used under the saddle while riding. They protect the horse’s back and increase the wearing comfort for the horse. Under the saddle, in each case a saddle pad or a saddle blanket which is adapted to the size of the saddle and the horse should be used. Saddle cloths and saddle pads are therefore available in the various of sizes for dressage, jumping or eventing and in the sizes pony and horse.

To ensure a perfect fit, the saddle pad must fit and be fastened correctly to the jumping saddle, dressage saddle or saddle with the velcro straps provided. Furthermore, the pads are ergonomically shaped on the horse’s back to avoid pressure points. Saddlecloths come in many different colors, shapes and materials. While the shape and color of the stylish rider’s designs and trendy models meet the rider’s fashionable demands, the materials have a high degree of functionality. They absorb sweat and ensure good air circulation, so that the pads are comfortable to wear in winter as well as in summer and dry off quickly after riding. Some saddlecloths are also available with lambskin, which protects the horse’s back and is suitable for sensitive horses and ponies.

In addition to normal saddlecloths, special lambskin cushions, gel pillows and jumping pillows are also available. They also protect the horse’s back and can correct, support and improve the position of the saddle and also have a shock-absorbing effect. Also with the pillows one should pay attention to the correct size, so that they cause no pressure points at the back. Many manufacturers offer the most varied saddle pads in different price segments, so that the right pad can be found for every horse. But saddle pads also fulfill fashionable purposes. Especially saddle cloths are available in countless variations and leave nothing to be desired. Although white, champagne-colored or possibly black documents are desired at the tournament, there are no limits to the daily training in terms of colors and shapes. Whether classic shades, bright colors, rhinestones, decorative cords, embroidery or eye-catching quilting, the right saddle pad can be found for every horse or pony to the rider’s taste. Manufacturers offering equestrian gear in addition to equestrian equipment generally tailor their collections so that horse and rider can dress appropriately with matching saddle pad, bandages, breeches and bodice.


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