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We are Colorblind Compared To Birds Eye

Bird Names 24/08/2020
We are Colorblind Compared To Birds Eye

It is a very shocking new thing that color of the bird are so various and beautiful for us humans, but we are colorblind compared to them birds. Color of birds has inspired brilliants and artists and nature lovers, but Yale and Cambridge researchers reveal the fact that those colors are just representing a few colors from what birds eye can see. The invention reported in Journal Behavioral Ecology, 23rd June edition, shows that bird’s color developed gradually from dull and grim colors to bright and cheerful, and the birds gain the skill to create new color pigment and color structure. It is similar with human; after they invent aniline the cloth coloring, they then become able wear more colorful cloth and see new colors.

After years of speculation, scientist have been speculated ho could bird get their color, but study conducted by Yale/Cambridge is the first ask is the variety of bird colors actually seen by the birds themselves. Ironically, the answer is yes, birds eye see more color than human, and they can see more than just what they see in their feather. Birds eye have additional color cone in their retina, which more sensitive in ultraviolet ranges thus make them can see colors human cannot.

Birds Eye : Owl Can See İn The Dark

Owl has a pair of blessed eye. Unlike other bird, and similar to human, owl have two eyes which see in their front, not on the head side. This bird can rotate his neck 180 degrees to look for any prey around him. Specifically this birds eye, he has a pair of big eye. It also more round than other birds.

This birds eye blessed with lots of rod cells which very sensitive in light and movement but less conical cells which react more in color. This means owl’s vision is not colorful like other birds, but more monochromic. With this bless they can hunt for food in the night. Their pupil can be adjusted well, so when strong light comes they can be adjusted so that transmits the right amount of light to the retina. Owl has three eyelids to protect his blessed eye. One to blink, one to sleep and one to keep the birds eye clean and healthy and ready to look for food in the night.

The negative side is owls are farsighted, means they cannot see prey in e few centimeters in front of them. To catch the prey they rely on soft hair in their beak and claw.


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