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Information You Should Know about Lovebirds Breeding

Bird Names 21/09/2020
Information You Should Know about Lovebirds Breeding

Lovebirds are one of the bird species which faithful to their partners. These birds just want to get married to one partner only. This is true until they die. Therefore, there needs special handling to match lovebirds. To match lovebirds, place each of males and females in separate cages and bring the cage. If they are always close together then the chances are they are destined. This process usually takes 3-7 days. This matchmaking process can be very fast if done at each of these lovebird has entered a period of lust.

Lust period is characterized by certain behaviors, such as often sing and perform activities of lust, which is the male trying to marry nearby objects, while ducking as he opened the wing with the tail moves up and down.

If males and females are already paired up, collect them in a breeding cage. There are things you should keep in mind, if after they are collected in a single enclosure but do not want to marry or always race each other then certainly this pairing has failed. Try to repeat this process by swapping one of them with another lovebird. There is also a unique event, the couple’s divorce. This usually occurs because the cages are less comfortable conditions, stress and struggle for food.

Another alternative for the pairing is to gather lots of lovebirds at once in a large cage. There must be at least five pairs of lovebirds in a cage. One thing to remember too that lovebirds do not recognize polygamy or polyandry like the other birds. Therefore, the number of lovebird contained in a large cage is between males and females must be equal. If there is a pair of lovebird who was destined, they usually go straight into nest box to mate and lay eggs. You can just move the pair of lovebird to breeding cage.

This method is sometimes a problem. There are lovebird which is pair with the same-sex: male to male or female with female. In fact they also do sex activities such as male mating with females, which is up the body of her partner.

High levels of lust, intense competition, and stress can trigger a lovebird to perform unusual habits. If it is found that seems destined lovebird but never lay eggs for more than six months it deserves a pair of lovebird is suspected as same-sex couples. In addition, the lovebirds are appreciate territory birds. If many birds are gathered in one cage at a time, then most likely these lovebirds will fight each other fighting over territory.

Spawning and period of paired and are the most important periods in the lovebirds breeding. Thus, make sure lovebird is in the best possible conditions when entering this phase. Make sure the lovebirds are in condition of calm, happy, healthy, clean and do not stress. If it is found there are not destined lovebird, try to check it again. Failure of lovebird mating process usually only caused by three things: a very young age, that is not yet entered a period of lust, have the same sex, and uncomfortable condition of the cage that is noisy and a lot of distractions.

To stimulate lust, some extra food, such as pumpkin seeds, mung bean sprouts, baby corn and cabbage can be given. These foods can prove useful for improving fertility lovebird.

Although actually many couples of lovebirds can be breeding together in one large cages, lovebird that is placed in a pair is better. A breeding cage is filled with only one pair of lovebird. This is intended to help us in monitoring and tracking the lineage. When in the breeding cage lovebird can feed barley, millet, and corn cobs 1.5 for a single pair of lovebird.


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