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Breeding Budgies

Bird Names 28/09/2020
Breeding Budgies

Budgies also known as parakeets, they are just like other birds; they are quite popular compared with other birds. The reason is simple, with its small size and its low cost, budgies become one of the most favorite birds, if you want to get budgies as your pet, and you should know some tips to take care of this bird. These birds come with some different color such as yellow, blue, or white. There are two kinds of budgies, pet budgies and wild budgies, wild budgie can be found in some area in Australia, and you can find wild budgies in drier area of Australia.

Things you should know about budgies
For those who are interested to breed budgies, the first thing that you need to do is to buy its cages. The next thing that you need to do is to feed them with healthy food, the fact is that budgie like fruits and vegetables. Providing with different food everyday for your budgie will make your pet happy. Fruit will be the best food for your budgie; you can give your pet with any kind of fruit such as apples or pears. You can also try to experiment with the food, try to mix some fruits, or with a variety of vegetables, as this will make your budgie happy, because budgies love a varied food.

The best thing about budgies is that they can be trained; your budgie can be trained to speak or whistle tunes. Budgie can also be trained to sing, they can produce sounds, and all you need to do is to give your budgie with proper training. Budgies are not only beautiful and cute; they also have longer lifespan depend on the quality of your treatment. By giving your budgie with good treatment, your budgie can live longer; you can contact or consult with expert about budgies treatment.


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