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How To Cure Lovebirds Diseases

Bird Names 01/09/2020
How To Cure Lovebirds Diseases

Many diseases that can infect lovebirds. Some are relatively mild. There is also a contagious and deadly. Some diseases that can attack lovebirds include PBFD (Psittacine beak and Feather Disease), polyoma virus, bacterial infection, PDD (Proventricular dilatation Disorder), and Avian Influenza (bird flu). Lovebirds which kept as pets should be always taking care of. This is useful for as early as possible to prevent the spread of these diseases. In the wild, if there is a weak lovebird and looks ill will be the main target for predators. Therefore, naturally lovebirds have the ability to hide the pain invisible to the eye.

Often the owner of lovebird finds his lovely pets suddenly died, but there were no signs of any illness in lovebirds at all. It is very difficult to detect whether lovebird is healthy or sick because naturally these birds have the ability to hide it.

But the fact is there are specific signs if the lovebirds are sick. Among them is a bird that is often silent, not interested in playing around, and rarely sing. Observe also feces. If the dirt is solid-colored or black, could be a lovebird that is not healthy. Observe also the feathers, fur is falling out in large quantities is a major sign of being sick lovebird. In addition, a runny nose and no sound during breathing could also be a sign that the lovebird is sick.

If you found these things, it’s better if a sick lovebird immediately separated from the group or partner. This meant that the other lovebird not infected by the disease. If the lovebird is a lovely lovebird, then consult the problem to your veterinarian is the best way. Do not try to treat yourself if you do not know exactly what he was suffering from the disease.

Lovebird that is ill should be placed in a comfortable cage, clean, and stay away from the interference noises. This is so that the healing process for the better lovebird. Noises would made ​​lovebird becomes more stressful, so it actually will make the disease worse and will result in death.

Therefore, to reduce the risk of pain in the lovebird, hygiene lovebird cage should always be considered. The cage must be cleaned daily routine, and put lovebird’s cage in place that can be illuminated by the morning sun.

Even including the birds that have strong physical and adaptable, lovebird can still get into trouble. Both are derived from internal and external factors such as the environment. Disease, predators and stress are often the main drivers of the various problems in breeding lovebirds.


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