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Which Horse Suits Me

Horse Names 14/12/2019
Which Horse Suits Me

The dream of owning a horse is not only important for young girls. Especially when buying horses applies: The horse should fit to their own knowledge and wishes. A recreational rider does not need a tournament horse, a beginner does not need an Arabian stallion. In addition to the horse breed, the size of the horse and rider must be taken into account.

Which Horse Suits Me? The Right Horse Breed

There are about 200 different breeds of horses. These differ sometimes more and sometimes less. One thing is certain: between a Shire Horse with a stick of up to two meters and a Falabellapony (the smallest was just 30 cm high) there are big differences in size alone. Clear that the horse attitude also depends on the breed. Mini hetties and Falabella ponies do not ride. They are just too small for that. But they are ideal for beginners to horses to bring, to take the fear of horses and to stretch the small nimble ponies, if necessary, in front of a coach. Shetland ponies are a maximum of 107 cm tall. They are well suited as riding horses for smaller children, but also as a train pony. They can carry up to 60 kg and pull twice their height.

How Well Is The Horse Trained?

-What is the general state of health of the horse?
-How good is the rider – as a beginner, does he always fall heavily into the horse’s back?
-Thickness of the legs
-Age of the horse
-It is also clear that a Shire Horse can carry significantly more weight than a desert Arabian with a height of 1.50 meters.

Which Horse Can Carry How Much Weight?

In order to answer the question “which horse suits me”, the question is often asked how many kilos a horse should wear at most. As a rule of thumb it is often said that the horse should carry a maximum of one fifth – sometimes one third of his body weight. But this calculation is very flat rate. Because in addition to the weight of the rider, the following factors play a role.


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