Exotic Female Dog Names

Dog Names 15/12/2018

Abella: Meaning “breath” in French
Ada: ‘beauty.’
Adara: Noble, exalted, beautiful and chaste – all in one word; from Hebrew origin
Adel: German name that means ‘noble.’
Adeline: This German word also stands for noble.
Adisa: A name from Ghana that stands for ‘a teacher.’
Adlai: Is Aramaic, and means ‘Refuge of God’ – Good name for a rescue?
Ahava: Hebrew and carries the meaning of a ‘cherished one’
Aife: Mythical woman warrior of great beauty – Celtic origin
Airlia: A Greek word that means ‘eternal.’
Aithne: Celtic for fire
Alcestis: The strong minded woman who gave her life for that of her husband in Greek classical literature
Allegra: Which means joy in Latin, very appropriate!
Aurora: Inspired by the otherworldly aurora borealis
Ava: A Hebrew word that means ‘life.’
Aviana: It means ‘beauty.’
Aysel: A Turkish word that means ‘moonlight.’
Brielle: Is a contemporary name and means “God is might” and has a possible French origin
Dafina: Swahili word that means ‘precious.’
Daria: It means ‘rich.’
Delta: A spot where the river meets the ocean.
Elise: A spiritual word that means ‘oath of God.’
Elysia: Greek for ‘blessed home’
Emrys: Meaning ‘immortal’ – Celtic origin
Fiacra: Meaning ‘eagle’ in Celtic
Francoise: A French name that stands for ‘free.’
Giselle: A French name.
Harper: A British word that stands for ‘a harpist and minstrel.’
Hermia: From Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
Imani: Kiswahli for ‘faith’
Kali: ‘Pure’ or ‘energetic’, depending on whether you want to lend from Greek or African origins
Keely: This name means beauty. This moniker has an Irish and Celtic origin.
Keiko: A Japanese word that means ‘blessing.’
Kenyatta: Kenyan word that means ‘musician.’
Kiah: Of African or aboriginal origin and means ‘God is strength’
Kiara: It means ‘something pure.’ It originated in Scandinavia.
Layla: A word of Arabic origin that stands for ‘night beauty.’
Lilja: Of Icelandic origin, it means ‘lily.’
Lola: It’s a Spanish name that means ‘strong woman.’
Luna: The moon
Madeline: A French name that means ‘from the tower.’
Magnolia: The state tree of Mississippi.
Maile: A Hawaiian vine, also very mysterious sounding
Maile: The name of a Hawaiian vine.
Maya: Daughter of Atlas, a mythological character.
Mina: A Dutch name that means ‘protector.’
Monroe: A Gaelic word that means ‘mount on the river roe.’
Morgandy: It’s a Celtic name that means ‘a little one from the sea’s edge.’
Neema: Swahili for born in prosperity; denotes the idea of being idle or lazy, according to the Urban Dictionary
Osceola: black drink crier (Creek)
Pachama: Mother Earth (Inca)
Pallava: sprout; blossom (Sanskrit)
Parthena: virginal; pure (American)
Pazima: lightning & thunder (Zulu)
Perama: very loving (Latin)
Phereniki: bringer of victory (Greek)
Planina: mountain (Serbian)
Primrose: It stands for a flower. The name has a Latin origin.
Princess: daughter of queen or king (English)
Putri: Indonesian for Princess
Qawaya: strong one (Arabic)
Qiyana: clever one; crafty (Zulu)
Quenby: This is Swedish for ‘womanly’ – queenly, if you want
Raashida: rightly guided (Arabic)
Rahana: Sweet basil (American)
Rama: A Hebrew word that defines something as ‘exalted.’
Ranielle: Rain + Elle (American)
Rayna: song of the Lord (Hebrew)
Remeleen: white antelope (American)
Rhamah: A Swahili word that stands for ‘sweetness.’
Rimaline: white antelope (American)
Risette: A French word that means ‘to laugh.’
Rochana: A Hindi word that defines ‘beauty.’
Rosabel: This nature-inspired Latin name means ‘beautiful flower.’
Rosalba: It is the Spanish word for white rose.
Rosalia: Popular Spanish word that means ‘rose.’
Rukiya: she rises up (Swahili)
Sabra: Related to the Arabic word ‘Sabr’ meaning ‘patience’ or ‘perseverance’
Sabria: one with knowledge (Spanish)
Sadira: lotus tree (Persian)
Sajjana: a good person (Hindi)
Salome: peace (Hebrew)
Sana: gaze upon; to look at (Arabic)
Sarani: joy (American)
Sarita: It’s a Hindi word that means river.
Sarojanetra: lotus eyes (Sanskrit)
Saundra: This Scottish word means ‘defender of mankind.’
Selaras: harmony (Indonesian)
Serena: This Latin word stands for ‘something peaceful.’
Serilda: This Teutonic name means ‘a woman warrior.’
Shaelynn: Shae + Lynn (American)
Shalana: prefix Sha + Lana (American)
Shanay: God is gracious (American)
Shantay: stone, boulder (American)
Sharonda: a plain, a flat area (American)
Shauriana: to counsel together (Swahili)
Shawanda: prefix Sha + Wanda (American)
Sheela: A word of Hindi origin that means ‘kind.’
Shilin: Gaelic word that stands for ‘cherry.’
Shiva: patience & endurance (Shona)
Sicily: Derived from a famous Italian island.
Siona: This Hebrew word means ‘at the height of something.’
Somendra: the goddess Indra (Hindi)
Stalene: It means ‘bright like a star.’
Sulalita: good charm (Hindi)
Surayya: stars in constellation Taurus (Arabic)
Suri: An exotic name of Persian origin; it stands for ‘red rose.’
Surya: It’s a Hindi word that stands for the sun.
Svana: Icelandic for ‘swan’
Syndy: A word that means ‘light.’
Tahana: from state of Texas (American)
Taiyo: A Japanese word that means ‘sun.’
Taiyo: the sun (Japanese)
Talitha: An Aramaic word that means ‘a child’ or ‘a maiden.’
Tamani: Desire (Hindi)
Tamika: Child of the people (Japanese)
Tanani: Tanana River in Alaska (American)
Tapuwa: We have been given (Shona)
Tariqa: The spiritual way (Persian)
Tashina: born on Christmas day (American)
Tavanna: a treeless plain; savannah (American)
Tawney: An Irish name that stands for ‘a green field.’
Tehia: Birth; resurrection (Hebrew)
Terra: This Latin word stands for ‘the earth.’
Theana: It’s a Greek word that means ‘goddess.’
Theola: Teutonic word that means ‘ruler.’
Thirza: It stands for ‘divine.’
Tierra: This word is used to define someone who has dark-colored skin.
Tira: A Hebrew word that means ‘camping.’
Toiya: It means ‘victory,’ and it’s a Spanish word.
Toshi: It’s a Tibetan term that means ‘auspicious.’
Trimene: triple might (Greek)
Trixie: It means ‘fun-loving.’
Tsivya: gazelle (Spanish)
Tulay: veil of the moon (Turkish)
Tyvette: Ty + Yvette (American)
Ujama: fellowship, brotherhood (Swahili)
Umika: A Japanese word that stands for ‘the ocean’s fragrance.’
Upe: river (Lithuanian)
Utama: excellent; eminent (Indonesian)
Valdis: A Norse name.
Vallita: to rule (Finnish)
Vasara: summer (Lithuanian)
Venetia: This word stands for the city of canals in Italy.
Versie: changing, twisting (American)
Vesta: clothed with authority (Latin)
Vinette: conquering (American)
Wagaye: my price (Amharic)
Wanniya: An Amharic word indicating courage and spirit.
Westina: An English word that means ‘the western village.’
Winona: It’s a German name that means ‘firstborn daughter.’
Wynelle: Fair-skinned (Welsh)
Xylona: This Greek word defines someone belonging to the forest.
Yamini: A Hindi word that means ‘night.’
Yaxkin: new sun (Yucateco)
Yetunde: mother has arrived (Yoruba)
Yolanna: violet in color (American)
Yucala: hope (Mayan)
Zaida: the better one (Swahili)
Zakira: A play on Shakira and Arabic for remember’
Zaliki: Egyptian for well born
Zaliyah: Is one that is stubborn in the Urban Dictionary
Zaloe: Just a fun name!
Zanna: God is gracious (Polish)
Zawadi: gift (Swahili)
Zelphia: A word that means ‘wise.’
Zhanna: Mankind (American)
Ziva: Of Hebrew origin, this name carries the meaning of ‘splendor’ or ‘brilliance.’
Zorana: Acquires strength (Sanskrit)


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