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Tips for a Long, Happy Dog ​​Life

Dog Names 26/03/2020
Tips for a Long, Happy Dog ​​Life

Age does not have to be a dull existence even in dogs. With some simple tips, the dog keeps its youthful freshness (and these tricks also make you move!)

Tips for a Long, Happy Dog ​​Life

Even with the dog, the diet is the nuts and bolts. The four-legged friends might like to have leftovers from the fat steak, but that’s not healthy. Important are egg whites, easily digestible fats and also fruits and vegetables (if it tastes the animal). Especially with dog nutrition, not every euro should be turned around twice.
Movement, movement, movement: a lot of exercise is an absolute must for breeds like the Husky. In long walks can also be games such as reverse or slalom run.

Twice a year a visit to the vet should be on the schedule. This is how typical old-age diseases are recognized earlier. Even with abnormalities in the care (knots under the skin?) Immediately visit a doctor should follow.
Playing makes fun even in old age. Food from the bowl tastes good, but is not particularly exciting. Hidden treats awaken the hunting instinct and provide variety in the dog everyday.
In general, the dog’s health is about movement and everything that appeals to the animal’s typical instincts! Of course, that also suits you.

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