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What Do Crabs Eat

Other 24/07/2019
What Do Crabs Eat

Crabs eat both plant and meat, but but you need to observe it to get a pretty good overview of what food the crawlers like and which one should not offer at all. The following list is intended to introduce possible foods that can be safely fed to crabs and that are readily accepted by most species.

What Do Crabs Eat

1- Leaves: In nature, they are the main food for many crabs. Suitable are oak and beech leaves as well as all European deciduous trees and sea alder leaves.

2- Water Plants: Much to the dismay of most owners, most crab species see it as a welcome change on their diet. It does not mean that crabs do harm them.

3- Frozen Food: Mosquito larvae, Cyclops, Artemia, mussel meat, shrimp

4- Live Food: Worms and snails are good to feed for your crab.

5- Vegetables and Fruit: Almost everything that gives a well-stocked kitchen or the supermarket around the corner, is suitable for your crab to eat. Peas, cucumber, apple, zucchini, pear, banana, grape, tomato (without seeds), Brussels sprouts and spinach (blanched), peppers, carrots (cooked or raw, grated)); Potato and rice (cooked) are often accepted.

For fruit, it should be noted that it should not remain too long in the pool, if you feed in the water. Due to the sometimes high sugar content, a bacterial bloom can be triggered in the water.
In general, it is recommended to peel all fruits and vegetables before feeding, as the shells concentrate residues of pollutants (pesticides, etc.).

6- Dried Animal Food: Fish flakes, food sticks and cancer tablets.

7- Miscellaneous: Chicken bones with few meat and cartilage residues (cooked, unseasoned and a little rinsed, so that not too much fat gets into the basin), trout, tuna, sardine, herring etc. fresh or canned (in own juice, not in oil)

8- Calcareous: Use sepia, crushed egg shells or calcium powder in your own food sticks.

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