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Various Interesting Facts about Birds

Bird Names 17/02/2020
Various Interesting Facts about Birds

Birds are wonderful creation. People admire birds because they are beautiful with impressive characters. If you are a bird enthusiasts knowing some interesting facts about birds will make you enjoy what we are discussing here.

Interesting Information about Birds

Our first topic on the facts about birds is that many modern birds have been theorized by some scientists to be the results of dinosaur revolution. The theory is based on the similarities that both birds and dinosaurs have especially in their skeletal structure. When it comes to size, the smallest bird we can find on this earth is the Pee Humming bird whose size is only 2.5 inch in length and whose weight is only 0.06 oz. It is also a fact that the longest birds that live today is the Australian pelican’s beak.

The length of a mature the Australian pelican’s beak is up to 47 cm long. The heaviest bird that can fly in this world is the Great Bustard. An amazing fact about bird comes from the Green herons because those birds do fishing like us humans. Sometimes the birds drop insects that are alive in water and let fish to eat them. However, when the fish appear to catch the insect prey they will end up becoming the Green Heron’s target.

Among facts about birds if you want to know what bird that is poisonous then the answer is the Hooded Pitohui birds. Birds that can fly sideways as well as backwards are the humming birds. A funny fact about birds comes from Dodo bird as this type of bird is extinct and unable to fly. A relative of pigeon was a Dodo bird. Why it is funny because a relative is so overpopulated while the other got extinct.

About the lives of birds you will be amazed knowing that a great fertilizer for our soil comes from the droppings of pigeons. It is also amazing to know that on earth there are at least 350 species of parrots available. Birds that are well known for their really sweet songs and vibrant coloring are the Eastern bluebird.


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