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Varieties of Talking Birds and How to Teach Them

Bird Names 24/11/2019
Varieties of Talking Birds and How to Teach Them

Here are many kinds of bird that we can find in this nature. The various kinds of bird can be found and we can get the species to be taken care as our pet. For you who like to take care of bird as your pet you can find many of it in the pet shops. Furthermore, it must be very enjoyable for you to have talking birds. There are many varieties of the kind of bird that you can get. Parrot is one of the kinds of talking birds that is very popular besides the others. In addition, you can also purchase for the varieties of the bird in many local pet shops or online pet shops.

Varieties of Talking Birds

Many varieties of talking birds can be found in this nature. You can get various kind of bird that can mimic human’s voice. That kind of birds can sing and they can speak just like human. However, they do not speak with their logic but they speak just based on the habit of what they often hear from their environment. Moreover, one variety of talking birds that is very popular is parrot. Furthermore, you can also find the variety of talking bird Alex. This is a kind of talking bird that can have 100 words in their vocabulary. This kind of bird is also considered to have high cognitive ability than the other birds. Another talking bird that is popular enough is Prudle. This is a kind of talking bird that has the biggest vocabulary. Prudle can talk until 800 words. There are many other varieties of bird that can talk such as sparky, einstein, and bibi.

Teaching Talking Birds

Although talking birds can talk, but if you do not teach them to talk their ability will not be brilliant. You will not find your talking bird talk as many as you expected if there is no action from you to teach the bird. The most important thing in teaching talking birds is that you have to repeat the words as often as you can do in front of the bird so that the talking bird can be familiar with the words that you teach him. Moreover, it is better for you to teach little amount of words in the beginning until your bird pet can mimic it and then after the bird can achieve the word you can go on to the next words. You can repeat again the previous words so that the talking bird that you have can remember all the words you give.


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