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The Small yet Strong Hummingbirds

Bird Names 01/12/2019
The Small yet Strong Hummingbirds

We have so many bird species from the whole world. Some of them are very famous and most of us know them. Some of famous bird names are parrot, dove, and eagle. From the three of them, I guess eagle is the most popular one because this bird is very strong. This bird eats meat and it also hunts for its meal. I’ve heard Tibetans or some sort of tribe in East Asia use eagle to help the people hunting animals. Most of us would know much about famous bird, but do we know about hummingbirds? Hummingbird is a very special kind of bird. It is the smallest bird I can say. But even when hummingbirds are small, they are very extremely strong and compare to other birds, hummingbird is like having a gift since it can flies backward.

If we know about famous birds, we should also know about hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are very strong bird even when their body is very small. Hummingbirds are very small they average size is only about 5cm. this tiny bird is very strong and it can flies backward. No other birds can fly backward and this is hummingbird’s specialty. Do you know where hummingbirds get their name? It is because hummingbird’s wings move so fast and it hums.

Another specialty of hummingbirds is that this bird eats nectar. No other birds eat nectar and how awesome is that? We can learn many things about hummingbirds and the major lesson is not to judge people from the appearance. Hummingbird might be small but this bird is very strong. We might see people from their appearance but deep inside them, they could be someone very special and stronger than us. If you interested about hummingbirds you can learn more about this bird from the internet because there are many other species of hummingbird.

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