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The Main Food for Lovebirds

Bird Names 10/11/2019
The Main Food for Lovebirds

In the wild, the main food of lovebirds are seeds. seeds is useful to complement the needs of carbohydrates as the main source of energy for the lovebird. Giving the main food for lovebird as a staple food needs to be done if you want to breed or maintained them. The main feed that is usually given to these birds is a mixture of rice and millet.

Feeding a mixture of millet with grain to feed lovebird can be made with a ratio of 1:1. Plus, the feeding of Canary seed can also be done because it has a more varied nutrition. In addition, the feeding of sunflower seed fumayin, soy beans, red beans, green peas and beans can also be done as favored by this bird.

In the wild, the type of food consumed by lovebird include whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. At certain moments lovebird also like some variety of food, such as insects and snakes. Therefore, the feed will be used to maintain the lovebird in the cage should also be adapted to the habits in their natural habitat. Food for lovebirds are include the main feed, feed additives, and mineral.

Additional feed for lovebird

the-main-food-for-lovebirdsSo that the need for vitamins, protein, body temperature remained stable, and the system of metabolism still works normally, lovebird not only eat grains. These birds also need to eat fruits and vegetables.

1- Fruits

Base on lovebird behavior, in the wild are also eating fruits. Feeding fruits to bred or kept lovebird also needs to be done. Additional feeding on the fruits of this bird performed at regular intervals. Common type of fruit that is used as feed for lovebird are banana and papaya. Some other fruits that can be given to the lovebird include grapes, mangoes and melons. These fruits can be served with portions 2-3 times a week. Fruit serves as a nutritional supplement for the lovebird.
Should be aware that not all fruit are good for lovebird. There are several types of fruit that is actually toxic to birds, such as avocados, chocolate, coffee. If you intend to give an apple, orange, or other seed fruits, seeds should be discarded before because it is toxic for lovebird.

2- Fresh vegetables

Lovebird need fresh vegetables as a staple food. Several types of vegetables that can be used: broccoli, spinach, mustard greens, kale, corn, cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes. These vegetables alternately given 2-3 times a week. This meant that the lovebird get a variation of nutrients from the vegetables. Especially for the spinach and kale, you should first remove the stems and only use leaves as food.


Minerals can be regarded as additional nutrients. Additional nutrients are useful for maintaining health or for the ultimate power at certain moments, such as start mating.

1- Pickle

Pickles are useful for improving digestion and calcium-sufficient for lovebird. Commonly used is pickled cuttlefish bone. On some farms, there is also the use of brick or sand as a pickle for the lovebird. Beside for improving digestion, squid of bone pickle also contain a high calcium. Calcium is especially useful when the process of eggshell formation when the lovebird starts laying eggs.

2- Artificial vitamins and nutrients

Breeders can add some other foods to lovebird, including fresh milk. Fresh milk can be given once a week to lovebird. If necessary, a special multivitamin for birds can also be used. Today many bird multivitamin are on the market. We recommend to choose a special multivitamin for small birds. Multivitamins are given to the lovebird just once a week or as it appears on the packaging.


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