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Some Behaviors That Cats Do Not Like

Cat Names 21/01/2019
Some Behaviors That Cats Do Not Like

Cats are interesting animals. Like humans, there are some behaviors that cats don’t like or hate. As a cat lover site, we searched for you some behaviors that cats hate.

What Cats Do Not Like?

1- Cats do not like water: They are extremely clean animals. They are cleaned with their tongue, not with water. They don’t need to take a bath. Almost all cats hate water. If you try to wash your cat, it can hate you.

2- Cats do not like hard behaviors: Cats hate to be loved harshly. They can be playful and hunter animals, but when it comes to be loved, they always want to be treated gently and kindly.

3- Cats do not want to be played with their tails: What cats dislike is undoubtedly that their tails are pulled by someone. In this situation, they react angrily to that person .

4- Cats hate to have food and water side by side: Nobody knows the reason of this interesting hatred, but cats hate to have their food and water side by side.

5- Cats hate cleaning materials: Smelly cleaning materials, air fresheners and perfumes are something that cats hate. Cats are highly sensitive animals to smells since their senses of smell are 20 times stronger than humans.

6- Cats hate noises: Cats love calm and quiet environments. They hate sudden sounds. Their ears are really sensitive, they hear even the smallest click. A quiet environment for you can make them annoyed because they may find it noisy.

7- Cats hate being neglected: Cats always want attention. Cats are unhappy with disinterest, and they may dislike you.

8- Cats do not like loneliness: Cats are loving animals. They can be depressed when they are alone.

9- Cats do not like to have their nails cut: The most important weapon of a cat is its nails, so of course it doesn’t want to have them cut.

10- Cats don’t like crowds: Alright, cats don’t like loneliness but they don’t like crowds either. They never like and never prefer crowded places. They like calmness. What they like the most is living with an adoring small family.

11- Cats hate to travel: Cat hates travelling by a car or by any other vehicles.

12- Cats do not like to be defenceless: Cats feel defenceless, when they sleep on their back in a position which their bellies are uncovered.

13- Cats hate dirty environments: Cats are clean animals, but when they get forced, they even risk getting into the dirtiest places. A hungry cat enters a trash can, but you never make a satiated cat do this.


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