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My Cat is Scratching Furniture: What To Do?

Cat Names 05/08/2019
My Cat is Scratching Furniture: What To Do?

Scratching is part of the natural behavior of a cat. She sharpens her claws, sinks her claws into objects as she stretches after a nap or wants to play with you. If a cat is scratching at your furniture, you probably do not have a scratching post. Below we give you more tips to prevent scratching objects in the house.

Make the scratching tree attractive

A cat needs to hone her nails. She does this by scratching things, for example on a sofa, on the staircase or on the floor mat in the hallway. If you want to prevent your cat from scratching furniture and other items in the house, then provide her with a suitable scratching post. Start by putting a few cat snacks on the scratching post so that your cat regards this place as a particularly attractive place to stay. It can also help to spread some Catnip (catnip) on the scratching post. If you observe your kitten scratching at places where it is not desired, take it to the cat tree.

Reasons for scratching behavior

A cat is scratching for various reasons. If you know the reason, you understand why your cat is scratching at furniture.

my-cat-is-scratching-furnitureSharpen claws

If you take a close look, a cat does not sharpen its claws, but by scratching hard materials, it makes the outer worn layer peel and the sharp claws that grow beneath it come to the fore. Scratching is therefore part of the body care of your cat.

Demarcate territory

By scratching, cats also spread their scent with which they demarcate their territory. Under her sole there are glands that spread the scent. In the wild, feline cats prefer to do so on trees.

my-cat-is-scratching-furnitureReduce stress

It happens that a cat scratched out of frustration. For example, if other cats are nearby or if they absolutely want to go outside, but the door is locked.

Muscles stretch

After a nap cats always want to stretch and this is often accompanied by scratching. If they lift their forepaws against a scratching post, they will dilate extensively and train their forefoot muscles as well. It is therefore a very good idea to set up a scratching post next to your favorite sleeping place!

For this reason, a cat-friendly house always has a scratching post.


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