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Merging Cats: Cat and Kitten in a Household

Cat Names 21/10/2019
Merging Cats: Cat and Kitten in a Household

What tips help to bring cats together? We as cat lovers do not get enough of the cute creatures that sweeten our everyday life. However, there is a catch for those who want to integrate a new cat into their household. For example: a young kitten! The challenge is undoubtedly great, because animals like to mark their own territory. They also like to compete for our attention.

Can this really work? What do we look for when a new family member is accepted into the existing circle? In order for the new situation to be a complete success, we have summarized the most important information about cat collapse.

Pay attention to the health of the cats before the merger

Who decides on a kitten, checks the health of the animal. The same applies to an older cat. Before merging the two cats, we should answer the following questions: Have all the necessary vaccinations been done? Is there a risk of a communicable disease for one of the two cats? Which (special) health measures need to be taken?

Incidentally: Animal groups recommend vaccination from the eighth week, if it is a newborn – better known as “primary immunization”. When this is due and in which week, however, it is individually recommended, depends on the respective blood levels of a baby cat.

So if you decide for a fresh kitten and want to bring this together with your beloved companion who has been living with us for a while, pay attention to the general state of health of both animals.

merging-cats-cat-and-kitten-in-a-householdCats Characters – this is how we recognize if they harmonize

An essential feature for a successful coexistence: traits of the animals, which harmonize with each other. If two playful cats meet, this can make a big mess in everyday life. Nevertheless, it is likely that they live out their inclination to curiosity without slowing down.

As a comparison: An older cat, who longs for peace and “privacy”, could quickly be annoyed by a young, bitchy kitten, which suddenly makes the familiar area unsafe. So how can we be sure this will not be a problem?

If you have an older cat who likes to work alone and is not necessarily looking for new friendships, look for a suitable selection of the new cat. The new family member should ideally also have calmer qualities – despite the younger age.

Dominant cats who like to mark their territory are just as demanding. Here it helps if we make sure that no cat is missing. Means: If one kitten has its own toy, the other cat gets a ball, a cat or a game mouse. This method is particularly helpful for successfully counteracting competitive behavior and for showing animals that they are valued in the same way.

Preparing for the new kitten

Under no circumstances should cat owners overwhelm their animals and throw them in the cold water. A slow approach is the right choice. At the beginning, a separate room is created for both cats. Before the cats are brought together, both pets should be offered the opportunity to sniff and get used to the new, strange smell.

A room separation makes sense now. Once the adult cat is in another room, the new kitten can first get to know and smell the environment. Afterwards, the mature kitten can sniff our hands to get used to the fact that a new cat is in the house.

Here we go very carefully: The two Stubentiger do not meet yet. First they get a little treat to classify the new situation as something positive. It may take a while for the animals to get used to the smell.

Only then should they get to know each other personally. Although the slow sniffing does not guarantee that the cats will attack and attack at the first encounter. The confrontation, however, is one of them – it’s not something that suggests conspicuous behavior. How do we arrange the behavior correctly? We summarized this in the next section!


This is how an adult cat typically behaves

Although the lovable fur ball can also be cuddly and harmonious, most mini tigers are characterized by their territorial behavior. So adult cats are not “bad guys” or bullying out of whim – a point we sometimes overlook as cat lovers if we want to protect a kitten.

More mature cats are experienced and know how to best mark their territory. This typical behavior requires a lot of patience. Thus, we recognize that adult cats live out their territorial behavior: they are quickly irritated. They behave jealously and possessively towards the owner. Cats demonstrate their power through “physical” superiority.

Those who pay attention to it and are sensitive can quickly calm their cat and show that there is no cause for alarm. It is important that we do not consider these typical features as abnormal, lose patience, and respond to the animal’s needs. Only then does the animal feel that it is still welcome and will not be replaced.

merging-cats-cat-and-kitten-in-a-householdThis is how the kitten behaves

Kittens and young cats explore their surroundings, are usually curious and playful. But there is also the quiet sort that likes to stay alone and is sensitive to new situations, animals and people. A “bitchy” behavior is not uncommon.

Now sensitivity is needed. In order for them to get used to us and also to treat the older animal with the necessary respect, rules are a must. Because the little creatures look so sweet and take our hearts by storm, they automatically arouse the protective instinct within us.

It is important that the adult cat does not suffer from it, may keep their belongings and does not have to renounce our esteem because they only receive a shared attention.

Merging cats is going awry – what to do?
Of course it can happen that getting to know ends in disaster. After all, the velvet paws are naturally competing animals. That should not deter us, even if we initially doubt our decision. Anyone who realizes that the little tigers do not like or even smell after several days, should offer them the opportunity that they may get to know the respective behavior of the competition.

Open room doors, but locked cages – an option to watch each other and in peace. In this way, both animals realize that no danger emanates from the other animal and they could even become playmates. However, playful behavior and close camaraderie are not a must. Many animals prefer to stay alone, but soon no longer bother with the presence of a new living being.

merging-cats-cat-and-kitten-in-a-householdAnd what about the “puppy protection”?

We humans often assume that babies enjoy a special puppy protection. In cats, it is a bit different: Once the kitten is mature and no longer relies on the mother, it is quickly over with the security and security for the youngest.

It is also a typical feature of most cats. Therefore, we can not generally assume that a cat is especially welcomed by an adult cat. Exceptions prove the rule.

Tip: Anyone who is afraid of the situation, but would not want to give up a new cat, can look around the shelter. The advantage is that the velvety-soft tigers are already socialized. Other animals are not a strange surprise for them.

The more likely is a relaxed behavior of kittens, who do not come from an isolated environment, but feel well in society. Plus: The “homeless” animals are naturally looking forward to a new home if we lovingly receive them and offer them a safe, trusting environment. Whether or not they harmonize with our adult cat’s character should not be forgotten.

merging-cats-cat-and-kitten-in-a-householdChecklist for the old and new cat

Know possible diseases
Have vaccinations done
Get toys, food bowls, blankets, comb / brush
Set up sleeping space
Getting to know each other first by sniffing
Give cats the necessary attention, do not miss out

Conclusion to bring cats together

Bringing a kitten together with an adult cat – a challenge that should not be an obstacle with proper preparation. Cat lovers should be aware that jealous behavior is normal in the beginning. The cute pet respond mostly sensitive to the new situation and mark their territory. Once the first phase of getting acquainted is over, a harmonious time can begin with the cute creatures.


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