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Lovebird Health Problems You Should Know

Bird Names 06/09/2019
Lovebird Health Problems You Should Know

Naturally lovebirds are aggressive birds. Pair issue and territory are the two most important things for this bird. It is not uncommon if found lovebird fight or peck each other. The most practical way to prevent these fights is to separate the lovebirds who fought each other in a different cage.

lovebird-health-problems-you-should-knowWith a sharp beak, it is very easy for lovebird to injure his opponent. And of course the marks of the pecks would cause injury. In some cases, the wound may grow into a serious problem, which is an infection and eventually it will kill lovebirds. Naked wound will attract many bacteria and viruses. This is dangerous for other lovebirds.

If found lovebird that is injured, immediately separated that lovebird in a separate cage. The best way to heal the wound is with red medicine and wound compress medicine. If you have time, consult this wound matter with your veterinarian.

Lovebird is one of the birds that are often targeted by predatory animals, like cats, rats and snakes. Make sure the lovebird’s cage is quite safe from attack of these animals. Make sure the cage is made of the iron that is not easily damaged by the teeth of predators and make sure the cage is always closed.


Lovebirds are omnivorous birds. He is interested in trying to eat anything that is around when it considered as a food. Not all fruits are healthy to lovebirds. Apple seeds, coffee and some other foods have been proven toxic to lovebirds.

In addition, foreign objects that is also ingested by lovebird can also cause problems. Usually a small plastic, stones, pieces of rubber bands, also the pieces of wood. So, always keep your lovebird’s cage clean from these objects. Note also the food containers and toys which are provided for lovebirds, make sure these objects are not torn apart by lovebirds pecks.


lovebird-health-problems-you-should-knowLovebirds are birds that are strong enough, both physically and psychologically. However, this does not mean that birds can not stess. Environment that is too noisy, heat, odors, up to constant loneliness can cause the bird stress. As a result, predictably this bird will get sick and then die.

There is a unique phenomenon on lovebirds, when suffering from excessive stress lovebird will start plucking its feathers untill it cut and bleeding. These injuries can turn into an infection that will eventually kill lovebird itself. This phenomenon often occurs in lovebird that is maintained without the presence of a partner or another lovebird. The only way to prevent this is to add a friend or spouse for the lovebird.


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