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Lovable and Active Mynah Bird

Bird Names 07/10/2019
Lovable and Active Mynah Bird

Mynah bird belong to the starling family. Originally, starlings live mostly in Africa and southeastern Asia. But, several species have been introduced by human to other continents, such as Australia and America. There are several things you should know about mynah birds if you want to keep them as pet – about their physical characteristics, their diets, their treatment, etc. Mynah birds are very difficult to breed in a cage, so that they are very expensive and many people hunt or capture them alive in the wild. Make sure that your mynah birds are legal and have a health certificate from the authorities in your country.

lovable-and-active-mynah-birdMynah bird consist of 106 species and some of them are in the danger of extinction, the bali mynah for example. The bali mynah is a rare species that is found only on the island of Bali. Mynah birds have a size of passerines and have stout legs and feet. Mynah birds have charming voice characteristics. They are able to imitate a wide range of voices and sounds – they can also imitate human voices. That is why this bird becomes a very lovable pet for human for centuries.

They are active birds and in the wild, they always move around from one tree to another to find food. These birds live on a large amount of insects and fruits. These birds can be trained to do several things, such as perching on the owner’s hand or shoulder. But, if you want to make your mynah pets doing so, you should cut their sharp nails regularly.

Never trim their wings because it can make them injured when they fly and get crashed. Instead, you can prepare a large cage to ensure that your mynah bird can exercise and live happily.


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