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Know More about Migrating Birds

Bird Names 14/09/2019
Know More about Migrating Birds

Have you watched migrating birds? For those who have not, you can imagine it as you watch on movies about it as there are a lot of movies talking about migrating bird. It is such a miracle to watch groups of migrating birds flying. Trajectories orderly formations make the eyes unblinking. The boisterous sounds of the migrating birds make us amazed. Watching handsome eagle wing, for example, could spend hours to finish. You can watch these groups of migrating birds annually. Birds are migrating to a new place before they will come back to the original place. It is estimated that the migrating birds began their journey at the same time every year. There are three reasons that support birds migrating. Those three reasons are competition to get food and water, competition to get a living space and the weather or climate changes.

Reasons for Migrating Birds

know-more-about-migrating-birdsThe first reason that might encourage migrating birds to start their journey is the competition to get food and water. It is closely related to the addition of new population. The population explosion due to the new baby birds led to demands of a big amount of food in a sudden. Even though it is only temporary, this condition causes migrating bird. Those migrating birds fly into the spring area to meet their needs of food as in that area there are available abundant food supplies. When spring is over, those migrating birds move back to their origin place as the food supplies has run out. The second reason is the competition to get a living space. The population growth also causes permanent effects, such as the struggle for living space or territory. It is also the reason why migrating birds begin their journey. The migrating birds fly to find a new place to live.

Weather Effects on Migrating Birds

The third reason is the weather and climate changes. The decline of the quality of life and the decline of life support, such as water, food and space, can also be caused by the influence of significant weather changes. For example, summer causes the decline of water sources, which reduces plant nutrition providers. The migrating birds also happen due to the habitat destruction caused by forest fires etc. However, sometimes summer is actually used for future breeding. This weather factor especially applies in subtropical area, medium, and poles. Those are brief explanation relating to migrating birds and their reasons. Now, as we get to know more about migrating birds, we can be grateful more about life.


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