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January Cat Names

Cat Names 30/12/2019
January Cat Names

January cat names might mark the beginning of a new year with meanings related to newness or freshness. Names for kittens born in January can reference all things winter, including snow. January’s birthstone is the garnet, which works as name for a male or a female.The snowdrop, January’s birth flower, offers some naming inspiration as well.

200 Names for your kittens

Abel: breath, child- (MALE)
Adolphus: “noble wolf”- (MALE)
Adrian: rich, wealthy, dark one- (MALE)
Agnes: pure, virginal- (FEMALE)
Aidan: help, little fire- (MALE)
Alba: white- (FEMALE)
Albert: noble and bright- (MALE)
Alexander: protector of mankind- (MALE)
Alexandra: Feminine of Alexander. Defender of mankind.- (FEMALE)
Alfred: wise counsel- (MALE)
Alice: Truth, noble- (FEMALE)
Alix: Variation Of Alexander. Defender Of Mankind.- (FEMALE)
Allan: Handsome: Unisex: Celtic
Amadeus: after Mozart- (MALE)
Anastasia: resurrection- (FEMALE)
Andre: Manly; Brave. Variant Of Andrew.- (MALE)
Andrea: Feminine form of Andrew manly- (FEMALE)
Andrew: manly, valiant, courageous- (MALE)
Angela: Angel- (FEMALE)
Angelika: after Angelika Foster-Gooding- (Unisex)
Anthony: “priceless one”- (MALE)
Antonia: Priceless, Flourishing, Flower- (FEMALE)
Antony: Praiseworthy, Flourishing- (Unisex)
Apollo: the mythological god of light and truth- (MALE)
Aquarius: Water Bearer- (FEMALE)
Armand: of the army- (MALE)
Asha: hope, life- (FEMALE)
Asher: fortunate, lucky, blessed, happy- (MALE)
Atticus: from Attica- (MALE)
August: majestic, venerable- (MALE)
Augusta: Venerable- (FEMALE)
Aurora: “dawn”- (FEMALE)
Barclay: birch meadow- (MALE)
Basil: Majestic, royal, brave- (MALE)
Beatrice: blessed; she who brings happiness- (FEMALE)
Benedict: Blessed- (MALE)
Bernard: bold as a bear- (MALE)
Beth: house of god- (FEMALE)
Bianca: white- (FEMALE)
Capricorn: The Goat- (Unisex)
Carnation: Carnation Flower- (Unisex)
Cary: honest one, shy- (MALE)
Casper: Master of the treasure- (MALE)
Charmaine: a singer- (FEMALE)
Chiara: light, clear- (FEMALE)
Cyril: lordly, proud- (MALE)
Cyrus: throne- (MALE)
Deirdre: sorrowful- (FEMALE)
Diana: divine- (FEMALE)
Dominic: Belonging To God- (MALE)
Edward: Guardian- (MALE)
Elmer: noble and renowned- (MALE)
Elmo: protector- (MALE)
Eloise: intelligent, smart- (FEMALE)
Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark- (FEMALE)
Epiphany: manifestation, striking appearance- (FEMALE)
Ernest: Serious: determined.- (MALE)
Esmeralda: Green Gemstone- (FEMALE)
Ethel: noble- (FEMALE)
Fabian: bean grower- (MALE)
Fabien: Derived from the Roman clan name Fabius- (MALE)
Fabienne: Feminine variant of Fabian from the Roman family name Fabius. Bean grower- (FEMALE)
Felix: Lucky- (MALE)
Francis: man or free man- (MALE)
Garnet: Dark red gemstone- (FEMALE)
Geneva: Of the race of women.- (FEMALE)
Genevieve: white wave- (FEMALE)
Gentile: pronounced Jean-tee-lay- (Unisex)
Gilda: God’s servent- (FEMALE)
Giles: Bearer of Shield- (MALE)
Godfrey: God’s peace- (MALE)
Gordon: from the cornered hill- (MALE)
Gregory: vigilant, a watchman- (MALE)
Guinevere: white shadow, white wave- (FEMALE)
Gunnar: bold warrior- (MALE)
Hanna: Gracious- (FEMALE)
Harry: estate ruler- (MALE)
Heloise: healthy; wide- (FEMALE)
Henry: ruler of the home- (MALE)
Hermes: the messenger god- (MALE)
Hero: demi-god- (MALE)
Hilary: cheerful, happy- (MALE)
Hilda: Battle maid- (FEMALE)
Hope: Hope- (FEMALE)
Hortense: of the garden- (FEMALE)
Hyacinth: after the character in the sitcom Keeping Up Appearances- (FEMALE)
Ignatius: fiery- (MALE)
Inez: pure, virginal- (FEMALE)
Ivan: Form of John- (MALE)
Ivy: ivy plant, a wine- (FEMALE)
Jacinthe: Hyacinth.- (FEMALE)
Jackie: supplanter- (FEMALE)
James: From Jacob – To fill the place of another, supplanter.- (MALE)
John: God is merciful- (MALE)
Jordan: The descending river, to flow- (MALE)
Julian: Jove’s child. Form of Julius and family clan name of several powerful Roman emperors.- (MALE)
Kari: curly hair- (MALE)
Klavdia: A Lame One- (Unisex)
Laura: bay laurel- (FEMALE)
Lea: weary or meadow- (FEMALE)
Leona: Like A Lion- (FEMALE)
Lois: Battle Maiden- (FEMALE)
Lola: strong woman- (FEMALE)
Lou: Famous Warrior- (MALE)
Louise: Renowned fighter. Feminine of Louis.- (FEMALE)
Luciano: Form of Luke. Light: illumination.- (MALE)
Lucien: light- (MALE)
Luisa: form of Louise famous in war- (FEMALE)
Lulu: Pet form of the names Louise or Louella.- (FEMALE)
Lupin: – (MALE)
Marcel: little hammer- (MALE)
Margaret: after Margaret Thatcher- (FEMALE)
Maria: bitter- (FEMALE)
Mario: bitter, king-ruler- (MALE)
Martha: a lady- (FEMALE)
Martin: Warlike person.- (MALE)
Martina: Warlike- (FEMALE)
Maurice: moorish; dark; moor land- (MALE)
Maximus: greatest- (MALE)
Melania: black- (FEMALE)
Mika: Abbreviation of Michaela:Micaela: Mikaela: Mikayla: Mychaela: Mikella. Feminine of Michael gift from God.- (FEMALE)
Moritz: Dark Skinned- (Unisex)
Morris: dark-skinned- (MALE)
Nadia: hope- (FEMALE)
Naomi: pleasent one; above all, beauty- (FEMALE)
Neo: from The Matrix movies- (MALE)
Nina: Girl- (FEMALE)
Nova: A star that suddenly becomes much brighter.- (FEMALE)
Odo: Prosperous- (Unisex)
Paul: small- (MALE)
Paula: small- (FEMALE)
Paulinus: Small, Humble- (Unisex)
Peter: A rock. Peter the biblical fisherman and apostle had impulsive nature and rocklike faith.- (MALE)
Primo: first one- (MALE)
Priscilla: Of ancient lineage- (FEMALE)
Raimundo: Guards wisely.- (MALE)
Ralph: Red wolf- (MALE)
Ramon: Form of Raymond Guards wisely.- (MALE)
Ramona: Wise defender- (FEMALE)
Raymond: Guards wisely.- (MALE)
Remus: – (MALE)
Roger: famous spearman, quiet- (MALE)
Roma: – (FEMALE)
Roxana: dawn; or, little star- (FEMALE)
Ruth: compassionate friend- (FEMALE)
Sabina: Sabine- (FEMALE)
Sara: Arabic form of Sarah- (FEMALE)
Sebastian: An august person- (MALE)
Seraphim: word for angels- (MALE)
Serena: Tranquil or serene.- (FEMALE)
Sigmund: Victory: protection. Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud.- (MALE)
Sigurd: Victorious Guardian- (Unisex)
Simeon: God is listening- (MALE)
Snowdrop: – (MALE)
Spur: : Unisex:
Taro: Japanese – first born boy. Edible starchy plant.- (Unisex)
Thomas: Twin- (MALE)
Timothy: honoring God- (MALE)
Titian: red-gold- (FEMALE)
Titus: of the giants- (MALE)
Una: One.- (FEMALE)
Unity: Together- (FEMALE)
Urban: Of The City- (MALE)
Ursula: little female bear- (FEMALE)
Valentine: A person singled out as one’s sweetheart- (MALE)
Vera: faith- (FEMALE)
Vernon: alder tree, springlike- (MALE)
Veronica: True image. Biblical name.- (FEMALE)
Vincent: Conquering.- (MALE)
William: resolute protection- (MALE)
Winter: winter- (FEMALE)
Wolfgang: traveling wolf- (MALE)
Xenia: hospitable- (FEMALE)
Yvette: Archer: Feminine of Yves.- (FEMALE)
Zara: Arabic for dawn- (FEMALE)
Zelig: the blessed one- (MALE)
Zev: deer, wolf- (Unisex)
Zora: golden dawn- (FEMALE)


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