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How To Determine Lovebirds Gender

Bird Names 18/11/2019
How To Determine Lovebirds Gender

Types of lovebirds usually kept as pets today is fischer lovebird, roses lovebirds, yellow neck lovebirds. Each of these lovebird species are not-sexually dimorphic. That is, between males and females have the same physical shape. Therefore, special techniques and experience needed to distinguish between male and female lovebird.

In general, female lovebirds have larger bodies than males. The easiest way to detect the sex on lovebirds is by feeling the two claws that lies beneath under the anus. If it is hard, tight and sharp, usually male. Claw shrimp on female birds usually soft, wide and blunt. Another characteristic is, if it is lust, female lovebird often gather nest material and inserted between the two wings before being brought into the nest box.

Lovebirds can be bred after entering the age of over seven months. To avoid fraud issue age, it is better if the parent bought from a breeder or seller that is really well known. Differentiate between mature and young lovebird for common people is difficult. Physical characteristics of young and old lovebird is usually similar. If, however, experienced enough, it is easy to differentiate young and old lovebird. In general, the level of maturity can be seen from the beak of lovebird, toenails, and hair color.

Young lovebird beak are usually in black tinge. If an adult, usually the color of the beak is bright colored or light colored. There are also adult lovebird with dark red beak or just red. Young lovebird toenails appear white, while the elderly are relatively turbid or dirty color. Young lovebird coat color is usually also not as bright as adult lovebird.

Also make sure the lovebird be selected to be a parent is a good lovebird. Some features of lovebird who deserves to be a parent is healthy and has never been sick, nice fluffy, not thin or too fat, eyes clear and bright, and clean nose and not watery.


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