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How To Build a Lovebirds House

Bird Names 12/02/2020
How To Build a Lovebirds House

Bird house is a hollow box which is useful as a bird nesting and caring for children. Lovebirds house made ​​of wooden planks with a thickness of 2 cm. Lovebird houses made ​​with a length of 20 cm, width 10 cm, and height 25 cm. For the base of the eggs in the bird house we can add some pieces of dried grass or dried corn husk.

Feed and Water Containers

Try to make a lovebird feed container made hard materials that do not easily peel or damaged, such as hard plastic, glass or metal. The use of food containers made ​​of soft plastic basin as well as soft rubber must be avoided. Containers of this feed will attract the attention of lovebird, so will be encouraged to bite and chew.

Lovebirds HouseLovebirds are the birds who like to bathe. Therefore, prepare a container that is wide enough for drinking and bathing facilities for lovebirds, keep the container has a diameter of more than 20 cm. As well as food containers, water container grown material is made of hard materials, but not made of easily corroded metal, because this place will be constantly filled with water.

Beside some of the above equipment, there are some other equipment that could be provided. One is a box of bribery. Bribery box is used to treat and feed the children when the parent lovebirds would not care. In some cases the parents lovebirds often do not want to care for their children. This is when the bribery box is required.

Bribery boxes are usually made from 1-2 cm thick wooden board with vents on either side. This box has same length, width and height, namely 40 cm. Inside this box, then plug a lamp powered at 5 watts. Lovebirds are the birds that creative and playful. Therefore, a variety of toys should also be provided. Lovebirds that have the opportunity to play will be less affected by stress.

Try to keep the mirror in the lovebirds cage then you’ll be amazed how these lovebirds started acting up in front of the mirror. Not feel met the enemy, but would really like a human mirror. He will move their bodies and wings to preen in front of the mirror.

Some toys that can be used for lovebirds are large marbles, swings, ladders and spinning wheels as used for the hamster. Basically you are free to choose what toys will be given to the lovebirds. However, do not use a variety of toys that are too small or made ​​of soft material. Lovebird beak is very sharp so it was not possible if the toys are broken bitten. More danger if there are ingested.


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