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How Do I Find the Right Name for My Dog

Dog Names 28/07/2019
How Do I Find the Right Name for My Dog

When a puppy comes into the house, the search for a suitable name begins. This is sometimes not that easy for dogs, after all, the dog name (to understand the dog) should not sound too complicated.

Tips for the Right Dog Name

how-do-i-find-the-right-name-for-my-cute-dog1- Short and sweet: Do not choose too long name for your dog. A relatively short dog’s name with one or two syllables is best remembered by the dog.

2- Respectful name: Pummelchen, Pupsi, Doofi and Stinky may be funny as a pet name, but basically the dog needs a respectful name. Do not forget that you may have to yell the name out loud through the park. With Killer, Caesar, Aphrodite or Little Treasures, that is not so easy for everyone…

3- A name for the future: Even though the puppy may just be small and sweet, keep in mind (names such as Mini, Sweety, Schnucki & Co.) that the dog will grow up quickly and the dog name should still fit.

4- Positive association: One of the most important points for puppy owners is to keep their name as positive as possible. This means that if he has done something wrong, do not scold the dog in connection with his name, but say, for example, only “no”. If his name is mentioned, he should link that from the beginning positively, so with praise, treat, a caressing unit. Otherwise, it could soon be that he no longer hears his name.


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