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How Do I Find the Right Name for My Cat

Cat Names 18/07/2019
How Do I Find the Right Name for My Cat

Cute cat names for female cats, cool cat names for male cats… Here you will find the right name for your velvet paw, your kitty, your tiger! This list shows you cute, cute or cheeky cat names from A to Z! Click on the link to display the names alphabetically. Here is the link: “Cat Names“.

How do I find the right name for my cat?

If you could ask a cat which name she prefers, the answer would probably be, “I do not really care what you call me, the main thing is you do not call me late for dinner.”

But joking aside: For cats, human language sounds more like a unified babble. Rather, they perceive the general sound and pitch.

For cats to recognize their name more easily, there are a few rules of thumb that you should keep in mind:

1st name with “i” at the end

Cats usually respond better to names with a long “i” sound in them, especially at the end. For example: Smokey, Minnie, Blacky, Sammy, Lucy or Rocky. Of course, cats also listen to other names, but those with “i” are better.

2nd name with 2-3 syllables

A long name like “Felix of Fellknäuel the Fifth” does not sound like a name to a cat. It sounds more like her to one of many – incomprehensible for cats – sentences of human language. They do not really feel that way. Better are short names. So, shorten the names to a single syllable.

3. Name according to appearance and character

If you do not want to give your cat a human name, but want to be more creative, you can consider the following: Which coat pattern does the cat have? If she has a white spot on her forehead, “asterisk” might fit well.

Cats with patterned fur are often called “tigers”, with different colored paws “snow paw” or “cinnamon paw”. Also the character can be helpful with the name search. A cat opening doors could be called “Smarty”. If she slept through the day, “lazybones” might be appropriate.

4. A name suitable for the breed?

That too is conceivable. A British Shorthair could carry a noble name like Duke, Prince or Queen. Cat breeds like the Sphynx or the Abyssinian are from Egypt. How about an Egyptian god or king as namesake? Or a pretty Turkish name for a cat like the Turkish Angora or Turkish Van?

5. What names in two cats?

Two cats should not get similar sounding names such. “Molli and Nelli” or “Kimba and Simba”. This confuses the cats and, if you mumble something, people are in doubt as well.


Often you get your new family member as a young kitten. But from a name like “crumbs”, “worms”  a young kitten literally grows out. So choose a name that suits him when he’s grown.

Make a list!

Of course, your head smokes with so many possible names. Take a note and a pen and write down your favorite names among each other. Speak to her loudly several times and look at your cat. If the stomach says, “THAT is the right name.” Then stop it.

In any case, do not make a hasty decision, but leave enough time for it. That can also be a few days. After all, a cat lives an average of 12-15 years and you better not rename it.


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