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Horse Blanket

Horse Names 11/08/2019
Horse Blanket

Whether or not a horse wears a blanket is the owner’s choice. Often horse blankets are of great importance to some horse owners. For horses that are sheared in winter or sensitive to wet and cold despite winter fur should be covered with a suitable horse blanket. Whether a horse is covered or not depends on several factors. Horses that are trained a lot are often covered in the transitional period with a thin rain cover or outdoor blanket. As a result, the winter coat can not be so strong, with the result that the horse does not sweat so quickly and can be ridden completely dry. So it does not build up so fast and so much winter fur and sweats accordingly not so strong. Horses that are sheared must be covered in any case with a horse blanket. The thickness of a winter blanket or outdoor blanket varies from horse to horse and depends on the environment and different circumstances.

Horse blankets for every purpose

horse-blanketFrom the form of horse blankets differ rather little. Generally these should always cover the back of the horse. Some have a neck and a tail. Roughly speaking; fly and eczema blankets are for the summer and outdoor blankets, stable blankets and sweat blankets are for the winter. Sweat rugs help the horse to dry after riding. Kidney blankets fulfill their purpose in that they have a recess on the saddle and are not strapped over the chest. These can be beneficial for warm riding and longer rides on cold days. Raincoats guarantee with the special water-repellent material the horse even in the rain under the blanket to stay dry. These are robust in their different variants and are particularly suitable for horses that stand out a lot. Stable ceilings, for example, have the characteristic that they are not suitable for outdoor use. They are not made of waterproof material. The fact that a horse that stands in the box does not move much, it does not need a particularly breathable horse blanket. It should still be tear-resistant.

Still, choosing the right horse blanket is not easy. Once you have decided on the right color, you have to think about the shape. Which blanket is best for your own horse and what kind of material is needed? Should the horse rug be for cold days or rather for the transition between the two seasons of autumn and winter or winter and spring? Then you should also ask yourself the question of whether a blanket is needed which can be worn on the pasture or on the paddock or the horse rather needs a horse blanket for the stable. For moving animals, it is important that the blanket, for example, has a large crease or pocket at the front of the shoulder, so as not to restrict the horse’s movement and cause chafing in this area. The assortment ranges from sweat blankets, flying blankets, eczema blankets, stable blankets, winter blankets, outdoor blankets and much more.


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