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Fly Protection for Horses

Horse Names 09/08/2019
Fly Protection for Horses

Good with the right fly protection through the summer

Flies, mosquitoes and other annoying insects can make life difficult for horses and ponies, especially in the warm seasons and among other things make grazing a torture. To protect the horse from flies, there are a variety of products for fly protection, which effectively keep all insects away from the horse. In addition to fly spray, fly fringes, fly masks, fly blankets and eczema blankets are also often used for particularly sensitive horses. While fly fringes and fly masks primarily protect the horse’s head and, above all, cover the horse’s eyes from annoying flies that can even cause inflammation in the horse’s eye, fly pads and eczema blankets protect the horse’s entire body from unpleasant insect bites.

fly-protection-for-horsesIn order to make the fly protection particularly efficient, it is important that the products sit properly and offer a high wearing comfort. Both fly rugs and fly masks and fly fringes must not be too big or too small to avoid disturbing the horse or restricting movement. Fly masks and blankets are made of fine-meshed nets that keep the flies away from the horse’s skin, yet are breathable so that the horse does not sweat even at high temperatures. Although fly protection products are more functional, they are in no way inferior to other horse accessories in terms of design and variety. So there are fly protection products in all sorts of colors and different models as well as with various patterns.

Longer in trend and still very popular are items with zebra pattern. The special pattern in the colors black and white to deter flies in addition and keep away from the horse. Manufacturers of different price segments also offer a wide selection of fly protection products in all sizes required for Shetland Pony, Pony, Thoroughbred, Warm Blood and Draft Blood, as well as Cob and full sizes. Every horse owner will find the right fly cover, eczema blanket or fly mask for his horse or pony. The right and appropriate fly protection can only be beneficial for the horse and facilitates the daily exit to the meadow or even the ride. In addition, you can also rely on fly sprays that protect the horse without accessories from flying.


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