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Favorite Food of Snails

Other 26/12/2022
Favorite Food of Snails

The feeding frequency of snails changes according to the weather conditions. Also, snails should not be fed every day unless necessary. Humidifying the environment in dry weather will increase the feeding tendencies of the snails as it will enable them to move more easily. Snails that live in different geographical regions but are the same species may have different food preferences.
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Favorite Foods of Snails

1– Apple and Apple Leaf
2– Apricot
3– Artichoke (One of their favorite foods)
4- Barley
5– Beans
6– Broccoli
7– Cabbage (one of their favorite foods)
8– Carrot
9– Cauliflower
10– Celery and Celery Stalk
11– Clover
12– Cucumber (one of their favorite foods)
13– Daisy
14– Dandelion
15– Dead nettle
16– Ivy
17– Leek
18– Lettuce / Curly (One of their favorite foods)
19– Mulberry
20– Oat
21– Parsley
22– Peach
23– Peas
24– Potatoes (raw or cooked)
25– Pumpkin
26– Radish
27– Spinach
28– Strawberry
29– Tomato (one of their favorite foods)
30– Wheat

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