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Famous Sheep Names

Other 29/07/2023
Famous Sheep Names

Would you like to give a well-known and famous sheep name to your sheep? We’re sharing famous sheep names which are mentioned in films and books with you. So you can also give one of these nice names to your sheep. You can find lots of sheep names in this link “SHEEP NAMES“.

Famous Sheep Names

Arrow (Minecraft Sheep Names)

Azure (Minecraft Sheep Names)

Bellweather (Movie ) – Zootopia: In the Disney animated film “Zootopia,” a sheep named Dawn Bellwether plays a significant role as the assistant mayor. She is a notable character in the movie’s storyline.

Biggs (Minecraft Sheep Names)

Chirin (Anime character)- Ringing Bell

Chirin’s Mother (Anime character) – Ringing Bell

Chloe (Anime character) – Anisava

Cloud (Anime character) -The Marshmallow Times

Coral (Minecraft Sheep Names)

Crystal (Minecraft Sheep Names)

Damian (Manga character)- Dhaldot no Akujiki Musume

Derek the Sheep: Famous fictional character from the British sitcom, The Beano.

Diamond (Minecraft Sheep Names)

Dolly: Dolly became the most famous sheep in history when her birth was announced in 1997. She was the world’s first-ever mammal to be cloned. She was a genetically cloned offspring of three different mothers.

Doug (Movie character) – Zootopia

Famo Montauciel: You can name your pet sheep Montauciel to pay homage to the sheep that boarded the first ever hot air balloon. The name means ‘climb-to-the-sky’. The sheep flew alongside rooster and a duck. Even though they were slightly confused, all three animals landed safely.

Fitty (Anime character) – Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Flaaffy (Anime character) – Pokemon Advanced

Flint (Minecraft Sheep Names)

Flora (Anime character) – Jewelpet

Happy (Anime character) – Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Hazel – She’s a timid little sheep who gets nervous at the slightest thing

Jeb (Minecraft Sheep Names)

Julian (Minecraft Sheep Names)

Lance Corporal Derby: This Swaledale ram became the highest ranking sheep in the history of the British Army for his good behavior.

Lambie (Movie character) – Doc McStuffins

Lamb Chop: Lamb Chop is a famous puppet sheep created by puppeteer Shari Lewis. Lamb Chop has been a beloved character in children’s television for many years, featuring in various shows and specials.

Larry the Lamb: Larry the Lamb is a character from the British children’s radio program “Toytown.” He’s a cheerful and optimistic lamb who goes on various adventures in the fictional town of Toytown.

Lazy (Anime character) – Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Magenta (Minecraft Sheep Names)

Mareep (Anime character) – Pokemon: Black & White: Adventures in Unova

Meryl Sheep: Known for her extraordinary craft, Meryl Streep, is undoubtedly one of the greatest stars. This is a punny take on her name that will perfectly suit your best female sheep.

Methuselina: She was the world’s oldest sheep that lived for 25 years, nearly twice the normal life expectancy of a sheep.

Moosh (Minecraft Sheep Names)

Mr. Woolensworth (Movie character) – Chicken Little

Mrs. Sheep (Movie character) – Lambert the Sheepish Lion

Nuts – He is the charming one in the flock and has an eccentric way of looking at the world

Piano-chan (Anime character) – Onegai My Melody

Poe (Anime character) – Stray Sheep Poe no Chicchana Daibouken

Poppy (Minecraft Sheep Names)

Ramurin MAKIBA (Anime character) – Hakken Taiken Daisuki! Shimajirou

River (Minecraft Sheep Names)

Samuel the Sheep (Movie character) – Charlotte’s Web

Sebastian Sheep (Anime character) – Paboo and Mojies

Shaun: The leader of the flock. Shaun is a popular character in various animated series and films created by Aardman Animations. He is known for his mischievous adventures and his distinct appearance, with one missing ear.

Sheep (Anime character) – Sheep and Dinoduck

Sheep Lady (Anime character) – Working Buddies! No 2!

Shirley (Anime character) – Ox Tales

Sleepy Sheep (Anime character – Gregory Horror Show

Slowy (Anime character) – Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Smith Sheep (Anime character) – Paboo & Mojies

Smooches (Minecraft Sheep Names)

T-Zou (Anime character) – Kyo Kara Maoh!

The Sheep (Manga character) – Coelacanth

Timmy – He is the baby of the flock and is Shaun’s cousin

Woolter & Jesse (Movie character) – Zootopia

Yomo (Anime character) – One Piece


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