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Famous Pig Names

Other 10/04/2023
Famous Pig Names

Pigs are intelligent, social, and lovable animals that have become a beloved part of popular culture. From children’s literature to cartoons and movies, pigs have been featured in many different forms of entertainment. With their charming personalities and adorable appearances, it’s no wonder that many famous pigs have become household names. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most iconic pig names from pop culture.

1- Alpha Pig (Super Why!)

2- Anquer (Pokémon)

3- Arnold Ziffel: Arnold Ziffel is a character from the classic TV show “Green Acres.” He is a pig who is treated like a member of the family by the show’s main characters, Oliver and Lisa Douglas. Arnold is known for his intelligence and his ability to perform tricks.

4- Babe: “Babe” is a 1995 movie that tells the story of a pig who dreams of becoming a sheepdog. Babe is an orphaned pig who is raised by a sheepdog and learns to herd sheep with the help of his new family. The film was a critical and commercial success and earned seven Academy Award nominations.

5- Bebop (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

6- Boarest (Pokémon)

7- Fluffy (South Park)

8- Grumpig (Pokémon)

9- Gub-Gub (Doctor Dolittle)

10- Hamm (Toy Story)

11- Happig (Pokémon)

12- Hen Wen (The Black Cauldron)

13- Madame Oink (Chuck ‘E’ Cheese)

14- ManBearPig (South Park)

15- Maxwell (Geico ads)

16- Miss Piggy: Miss Piggy is a beloved character from “The Muppets.” She is a glamorous pig who loves fashion, singing, and dancing. Miss Piggy is known for her strong-willed personality and her unrequited love for Kermit the Frog.

17- Mr. Porky (The Simpsons)

18- Napoleon: Napoleon is a pig from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” He is one of the main characters in the book and is known for his ruthless pursuit of power. Napoleon is a symbol of the dangers of totalitarianism and the corrupting influence of power.

19- Old Major (Animal Farm by George Orwell)

20- Orson (Garfield and Friends)

21- Peppa (Peppa Pig)

22- Petal (Gilmore Girls)

23- Petunia (Looney Tunes)

24-Piglet: Piglet is a character from A.A. Milne’s “Winnie the Pooh” books. He is a small and timid pig who is often afraid of the world around him. Despite his fears, Piglet is a loyal friend to his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood.

25- Plopper (The Simpsons Movie)

26- Porky Pig: Porky Pig is a classic Looney Tunes character who made his debut in 1935. He is known for his stuttering speech and endearing personality. Porky has appeared in countless cartoons and has become an iconic character in American popular culture.

27- Pua (Moana)

28- Pumbaa: Pumbaa is a character from the Disney movie “The Lion King.” He is a lovable warthog who is best friends with Timon, a meerkat. Pumbaa is known for his carefree attitude and his catchy song, “Hakuna Matata.”

29- Rosita (Sing)

30- Sir Oinksalot (The Simpsons)

31- Snowball (Animal Farm by George Orwell)

32- Spider-Pig (The Simpsons Movie)

33- Squealer (Animal Farm by George Orwell)

34- Tattoo (The Secret Life of Pets)

35- Waddles (Gravity Falls)

36- Wilbur: Wilbur is the main character in E.B. White’s classic children’s book, “Charlotte’s Web.” The story tells the tale of Wilbur, a pig who befriends a spider named Charlotte, and together, they work to save Wilbur from being slaughtered. Wilbur is a kind-hearted and innocent pig who captures the hearts of readers young and old.


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