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Dog Breeds That Have Little Hair

Dog Names 30/07/2019
Dog Breeds That Have Little Hair

When purchasing a dog, pay attention to how strong a dog breed is. The differences are big, but less hairy dogs do not mean less care at the same time!

1- Terrier: Many terrier breeds such as the Airedale, Border, Fox, Irish and Welsh Terrier are among the dogs with little hair. However, the trimming of the animals is essential. While dead hair is plucked using this method, they would remain in the skin during shearing.

2- Poodle: The curly coat ensures that they lose virtually no hair. For this, they have to be shorn regularly, which is usually associated with a visit to the dog hairdresser.

3- Water Dogs: At the Lagotto Romagnolo as well as the French and Portuguese Water Dog you will hardly find a hair in your apartment. Once a week, they should be brushed, about three times a year the dogs have to be shaven.

4- Labradoodle: Non-hairy dogs include the Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Maltipoo and other “Desinger Dogs”. They have a similar fur structure as poodles and consequently lose hardly any hair.

5- Schnauzer: With regular grooming hair, Schnauzers do not moult. Prerequisite for this, however, is daily combing and about three times a year trimming (plucking the mature hair).

6- Bichon Frise: The special fur structure ensures that a Bichon only minimally moult. However, daily brushing is recommended and the coat must be cut regularly.


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