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Bring and Teaching Your Cockatiel

Bird Names 25/09/2019
Bring and Teaching Your Cockatiel

Cockatiel is member of cockatoo family; they actually have 25-38 cm length. The feather color almost entire shinny black with greenish and purple fish dots and a big yellowish shape of the beak. All male and female cockatiel have the same color. Both of them are pretty good to “sing”.

But there is a different kind to recognize which male or female cockatiel

Male figure is bigger than female cockatiel.
The head pecker of male is bigger than female one.
The eyes of the male look wider than female.

They all spread out in India, Southern China, Sumatra and Borneo.

They merely live in wild forest environment. They eat fruits like papaya and banana, one of owner suggest giving the cockatiel rice mixed with grind chili to make them chirping fast. You can teach them to imitate voice or “talk”. Type Cockatiel which fast to teach is Sumatran type Cockatiel. The Experts says sometimes to make them talk fast, we should brush their tongue with pure gold.

To teach them talking isn’t easy at all, don’t think that when you buy one of them they right away talking. You need to have passion, patient, and consistence. Don’t push them to learn a lot of words, because it makes them depressed. There are some way to teach them talking. For example when it bathing time for them you can says “Having a bath”, when there is guest coming just say “Welcome”, or when you feed them a fruits says “Papaya”. It just like you teaches a baby to speak the words. But don’t be mistaken if first time your Cockatiel is afraid to be closed to somebody or you. They also need some adaptation to create a save environment for them.


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