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Blue Crab Names

Other 03/05/2020
Blue Crab Names

The best way to find funny, great, cute, unique, unusual, cool blue crab names for your new blue crab is getting to know her/him and choose a right name fitting her/him. There are lots of female blue crab names and male blue crab names you have to choose from.

Below is a list for you to start with ordered alphabetically. We hope you will find just the right blue crab name for your pet.

Blue Crab Names

Admiral: Admiral is a dark bluish shade. Admiral is also the leader of a Navy.
Aegir: This is the Norse Lord of the sea.
Akoya: This is from Blue Akoya Pearls. These pearls are usually white and gray. However, sometimes bluish pearls are found. They are extremely rare.
Amrin: Arabic name meaning “blue sky”
Andorian: blue alien on Star Trek
Aoki: This is a Japanese last name that means, “Blue tree.”
Aqua: Means “water” in Latin; also a light blue-green color
Aragonite: Gemstone in turquoise to deep blue shades
Arctic: The Artic is the giant ice region in the north.
Articuno: Blue Pokémon Character Names – Ice blue
Aster: Blue Flower, good name for a girl
Atasi: A type of blue flower
Azul: Blue in many languages like Portuguese
Azula: This is a girl’s name taken from the Spanish word for Blue.
Azura: This names means, “Blue sky,” in Spanish. This would make a cool Husky name.
Azure: This is a bluish shade color. It is a light shade like the sky.
Azurite: This is a deep bluish soft stone. It is made by weathering copper.
B.B: B.B. King
Bailey: Pearl Bailey
Barry: This name comes from the bite-sized fruit, the Blueberry.
Bay: A Bay is a body of water that has joined land on three sides.
Belle: Belle is from the flower, Bluebell. These flowers are usually very colorful.
Ben: This name is from Benitoite, the rare bluish stone. It is also California’s official gemstone.
Beryl: Beryl is a type of crystal. The green kinds are Emeralds. The Bluish-green kinds are Aquamarine.
Billie: Billie Holiday a.k.a Lady Day
Biru: Biru means “Blue” in Malay.
Bland: Bobby Bland
Blau: Blue in Catalan, German, and other languages
Blaze: Have you every heard of the term, “Blue Blazes?” This became the polite way to say “Hell.”
Bleu: French for blue
Blue Belle: Bell for Short
Blue Dragon: Small species of blue sea slug
Blue Heron: Large grayish-blue bird
Blue Jay: Small blue bird
Blue Moon: a full moon that appears bluish in color
Blue Star
Blue calla lilies : flower Calla or Lily for short
Bluebell: A kind of blue flower
Blueberry: a type of blue fruit
Bluebonnet: a blue flower
Bluestar: Pale blue flower
Brooke: A small stream in the forest is called a Brooke. This is one of the names that is nature related.
Brunnera: Tiny bright blue flower
Buddy: Buddy Guy
Buryū: Blue in Japanese
Capri: A deep sky blue; also the color of the Mediterranean sea
Carbon: Chemical element usually appears in graphite form
Caribbean: The name of a sea near the West Indies
Caspian: This name comes from the Caspian Sea. It is the world’s largest inland body of water.
Cavan: This name comes from the bluish crystal Cavansite. It is a very bright shade of this color.
Celeste: Celeste is bluish shade that matches the sky.
Celestine: Pale blue gemstone
Cerulean: Sky blue color on a clear day
Cloud: A mass of condensed water in the sky
Cobalt: A chemical element; also refers to a shade of blue:
Columbine: blue flower
Cookie Monster: the blue monster on the children’s TV series Sesame Street
Cornflower: Bright blue with a hint of purple
Cyan: Cyan is another shade of this color. Check out the picture at the end of the post to see it.
Dawn: The first sign of light in the sky; the period before sunrise
Denim: Blue jean color
Dev: This name is for Blue Devils. This can mean many different things to different people. However, it would be a great name for a boy puppy with cobalt eyes.
Dex: This name comes from the glass cleaner Windex.
Dialga: Blue Pokémon Character Names – Dark blue Legendary Pokemon
Diamond: I know Diamonds are clear, but there are some that are blue. This color diamond is very rare. The Hope diamond is an example of this diamond.
Diddley: Bo Diddley
Doli: Native American name meaning “bluebird”
Dory: The blue fish in Finding Nemo
Dr. Manhattan: Blue TV and Movie Character Names – DC Comics
Dusty: A grayish shade of color
Eeyore: Blue TV and Movie Character Names – Winnie the Pooh franchise
Electric: Bright metallic blue
Ella: Ella Fitzgerald
Etta: Etta James
Eulb: Blue spelled backwards
Fairy: Shortened version of “Fairuza”, which is a Turkish name meaning “turquoise”
Forget-me-not: Tiny bright blue flower
Frank: This name isn’t from the hot sauce. It’s for Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.
Frost: Frost is a very thin layer of ice that usually occurs on windows during the winter.
Gagan: This is a name from India. It means, “Heaven” or “Sky.”
Genie: Blue TV and Movie Character Names – Aladdin movie
Ghost: Ghost eye was what Native Americans called Border Collies. Ghost would be a great name for a Border collie with bluish eyes.
Glacier: A moving mass of ice
Glas: Blue in Breton and Cornish
Globox: Blue Video Game Character Names – Rayman
Gorm: Gorm is an Irish word that means, “Blue.”
Granite: A type of hard, igneous rock
Grizzy: Pet version of “Griselda”, a German name meaning “gray battle maiden”
Grover: blue character on Sesame Street
Grumpy Bear: Blue TV and Movie Character Names – Blue Care Bear
Han: A type of blue pigment created in China
Harold: blue character in the children’s book, Harold and the Purple Crayon
Hawkeye: This name is taken from the gemstone, Hawk’s Eye. This piece of quartz is like a Tiger’s eye. Except it’s color is bluish gray.
Hinto: This is a Native American name. The meaning of Hinto is, “Blue.”
Hooker: John Lee Hooker
Huckleberry: Hound was blue
Ice: Frozen water; usually associated with the color blue
Indigo: Deep purplish-blue
Iris: This is one of the great flower names for dogs. An Iris can be a few different colors. The blue kind represents, “Hope.”
Jadeite: This name is from the gem Blue Jadeite. Jade is usually green, but this form of the gem has a bluish-green color. It is also very rare.
Jay: This name comes from the most known blue bird, the Blue Jay.
Jaylin: This name is for the birds! Just kidding. A Jaybird is often called a Jaylin.
Jean: Sure, Jean is a normal human name. But in regards to the color, it’s from Blue Jeans.
Joplin: Janis Joplin and Scott Joplin: Ragtime composer
Joy: blue character in Inside Out
Juneau: Capital city of Alaska
Kal: Kal El is Superman’s given name. Since he is also known as Big Blue, this name can work for a pooch.
Kalter: Means “blue” in Albania
Keb’ Mo’: Kevin Moore
Kingfisher: Bird with blue and orange plumage
Kyan: Kyan is from the bluish crystal, Kyanite. It is not often used in jewelry because it is hard to work with. However, the color of this stone is wicked.
Lapis Lazuli: Dark blue sparkly gemstone
Lapis: This name is from the stone, Lapis Lazuli. This is a much-desired colored stone.
Lapras: Blue Pokémon Character Names – Sky blue
Lazuli: Lazuli is the second part of the above stone. In the old times, this stone was used to make pigment for famous artists. This pigment was the most expensive one around.
Lead Belly: Blues and folk musician
Ler: This name comes from Irish Myth. Ler was the Lord of the Sea.
Levi: This name is from Levi Strauss. This is one of the most know Blue Jean Companies.
Linna: Linna means, “Small blue flower.”
Livia: Derived from the Latin word “lividus”, which means “blue”
Lucario: Blue Pokémon Character Names – bluish-gray
Lungwort: Bright bluish-purple flower
Magikoopas: Blue Video Game Character Names – Super Mario World
Marina: Marina is a place where you dock a boat. It also means, “from the sea.”
Maris: Maris has the meaning, “of the sea” in Latin.
Marlais: Means “blue” in Welsh
Max Rebo: either Max or Rebo – blue musician in the first Star Wars movie
Maya: Maya is the name of a bluish shade that was used a longtime ago in Central America.
Mazarine: Species of blue butterfly
Mazu: This name is from an ancient Chinese Sea goddess. Mazu was the protector of seafarers.
Meena: Hindi name referring to a blue stone
Mega Man: Blue Video Game Character Names – Mega Man franchise
Megamind: Blue TV and Movie Character Names – Megamind movie
Memphis: Memphis Minnie
Merle: A kind of blue coat
Merryweather: Blue TV and Movie Character Names – Blue fairy from Sleeping Beauty movie
Midnight: The middle of the night
Miku: Miku has the meaning of “Beautiful sky,” in Japanese.
Mingan: Native American name meaning “gray wolf”
Mira: Mira in Sanskrit means, “Ocean.”
Misty: Covered or full of mist
Mizu: Mizu is the Japanese word for, “Water.”
Modrá: Blue in Czech
Montana: A place in the US known for producing sapphires
Moody: This name comes from the music group, the Moody Blues.
Muddy: Muddy Waters
Murdoch: This is a Scottish name that means, “Protector of the Sea.”
Nami: This name means, “Wave” in Japanese.
Navy: Dark grayish-blue
Neel: This is the Hindi word for, “Blue.”
Neela: This is the Hindi word for, “Blue.”
Neelja: Hindu name meaning “blue lotus”
Neptune: A planet known to be of blue color; also the Roman god of the sea
Nerissa: Nerissa is from Greece. It has the meaning of “Sea nymph.”
Neytiri: Blue TV and Movie Character Names – Avatar movie
Night Blue
Nilam: In Hindi, the Nilam stone is a sapphire.
Nilesh: Hindi name meaning “Blue God”
Oakley: Variation of “okeley”, which means “blue sapphire”
Ocean: This name is for the huge body of water. On Earth, there are 5 oceans.
Ox: Ox stands for Oxford. There is a shade of blue called Oxford.
Peacock: a beautiful bird with blue feathers
Periwinkle: Pale bluish-purple
Perry: This name comes from the bluish flower, Periwinkle. This flower has a color that borders purple.
Plavalaguna: Blue TV and Movie Character Names – Diva in The Fifth Element movie
Pollia: blueberry found in Africa
Pooter: Pewter is a shade of grayish blue. This shiny metal is made of mostly tin. There is also a shade of blue called Pewter. So if your pooch has bluish gray eyes, this name might work.
Princess Ruto: Blue Video Game Character Names – Zora from The Legend of Zelda games
Rai: Rai is a Japanese name that means, “Lightning” or “Thunder.”
Raiden: In Japanese myth, Raiden is the God of thunder and lightning
Rain: Precipitation coming from the sky
Rainey: Ma Rainey
Rio: Rio is from the Spanish word for, “River.”
River: A river is a flowing waterway. This is another name taken from nature.
Robin: Have you ever seen a Robin egg? It isn’t white but a pretty shade of Tiffany.
Rosita: Blue bilingual character on Sesame Street
Royal: Deep, strong blue
Ruka: Ruka is Japanese and means, “Bright Blue Flower.”
Sadness: Blue TV and Movie Character Names – Inside Out movie
Samus Aran: Blue Video Game Character Names – Metroid Fusion
Sapphire: A blue gemstone
Saxe: This is shade of blue. It is a light shade of bluish-gray.
Scoro: Scoro comes from the Scorodite gemstone. This mineral has an awesome bluish variety.
Sedna: Sedna is the sea goddess in the Inuit culture.
Selveria Bles: Blue Video Game Character Names – Valkyria Chronicles
Sini: This is a Finnish name that means Blue. It comes from the Finnish word, Sininen.
Sippie: Sippie Wallace
Sitka: A city in Alaska
Sky: The region of atmosphere seen from earth; also a shade of blue
Skylar: English variation of the name “Schuyler”
Slate: A kind of stone that is blue-gray in color
Smalt: A deep blue glass
Smoke: A vapor usually emitted from a burning object
Smurf: famous blue character
Soda: This name comes from the bluish stone, Sodalite. It looks like Lapis Lazuli.
Sonic: Blue Video Game Character Names – Sonic the Hedgehog franchise
Spinel: These are gemstones. They can be found in different colors, including blue. The bluish stones are very rare.
Squirtle: Blue Pokémon Character Names – Aqua blue
Steel: Besides being a metal, steel is a gray and bluish color.
Steely: Steely Dan
Sub-Zero: Blue Video Game Character Names – Mortal Combat
Sulley: blue character in Monsters, Inc.
Sully: Blue TV and Movie Character Names – Monsters, Inc. movies
Sunila: This is a name from India. It has a meaning of “Dark blue.”
T-Bone: T-Bone Walker
Tanz: This name is from the gemstone, Tanzanite. The cool thing about this gemstone is that it’s color can change depending lighting.
Tanzanite: Violet-blue gemstone
Tardis: Blue TV and Movie Character Names – Dr. Who Franchise
Teal: A shade of blue green
Teale: Teal is also a shade of blue.
Tentacool: Blue Pokémon Character Names – Light blue
Thrawn: Blue TV and Movie Character Names – Grand Admiral from Star Wars
Tiffany: A renowned jeweler known for their blue box
Topaz: A kind of gemstone, usually in color blue
Turk: Turquoise is a gemstone that has a bluish green color. This is also the color name of a shade. To make this a boy name, we decided to use Turk.
Ulysses: Type of blue butterfly
Urdin: Blue in Basque
Vaccinium: Latin for blueberry
Velella: Bright blue glowing species of jellyfish
Venfithar: Blue Video Game Character Names – Blue Dragon from Neverwinter
Violet: blue body in “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.”
Vivi: Blue Video Game Character Names – Final Fantasy IX
Wailmer: Blue Pokémon Character Names – Dark blue
Winter: Johnny Winter
Wishiwashi: Blue Pokémon Character Names – Dark blue
Wobbuffet: Blue Pokémon Character Names – Basic blue
Wrangler: Maybe not as good as Levis, this is another jean brand.
Yahto: Native American name meaning “blue”
Yonder: “Wild Blue Yonder,” is from the Air Force’s official song. It represent the sky.
Yukon: A federal territory in Canada
Zale: Zale is a Greek name. The meaning is “Sea Strength.”
Zeru: Zeru is from the Basque language. It has the meaning of, “Sky.”
Zircon: This gemstone comes in many colors. However, the one below is the most desired. Zircon is known for its sparkle.
Zydra: Means “light blue” in Lithuanian

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