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Beautiful Conure Parrot

Bird Names 09/10/2019
Beautiful Conure Parrot

Conure parrot is a type of parrot having a medium size of body. The bird has many species with several different and unique characteristics. The most unique characteristic of this type of bird is their song. They are popular as smart pets which are able to learn sounds, vocabularies, and tricky actions. Thus, this bird is often used by the magicians as their part of shows. The bird is having long, thin, and strong beak. With this shape of beak, they can easily consume nuts, pellets, fruits, etc. The colours are varied and beautiful. In addition, this bird can live for 15 until 25 years with 1 until 3 years maturity reached. This bird is commonly becoming pet because it can easily breed. However, Conuropsis species is not having that capability to breed. Thus, nowadays, it has been extincted.

Pet Conure Parrot Species

In this article, I will briefly summarize five species of conure parrot which is usually kept by human as pet. First, Aratinga conure parrot, it is usually known as pet because of its brightness beautiful plumage, loud noise, and active movements. The second is Pyrrhura conure parrot. Although it is not as bright as Aratinga, this pet is favourite since it is friendly and more intelect. The bird is also having many colour mutation, such as green, grey, black, maroon, and many more. The most commonly owned and kept by human is Nanday conure parrot. It is extremely noise, intelect, and adaptable to the owner. Besides its bright colour, It can learn several vocabularies, sounds, and tricks. Patagonian conure parrot has the same characteristic to Nanday species, but it is less colourfull. The most expensive conure parrot is golden conure. It is simply because this conure parrot is rare and difficult to breed.

Rare and Endangered Conure Parrot

If Conuropsis is already extincted, another four species of conure parrot are lead to extinction by the habitat. They are rare and endangered. What are they? They are Enicognathus, Golden Plumed conure, Yellow Eared, and Carolina Parakeet. They live in specific habitats and they hardly survive if being took care by human in captivity. As they can not adapt to many environment, almost of them are naturally endangered. Nevertheless, Carolina Parakeet was endangered by human. In 1900s, this conure parrot were hunted by human. This conure parrot type was believed as pest. After being hunted, the feathers were used as material for making hats.


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