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Beautiful Color of Zebra Finches

Bird Names 12/09/2019
Beautiful Color of Zebra Finches

Zebra Finches are one of the most popular pet birds. Having Latin name of Poephila Guttata, this kind of birds are famous due to their attractive appearance. These native Australian birds have undeniably attractive color. Over the body parts of the male Zebra Finches have four colors all together. Their cheeks are bright orange while the beaks are red-orange beaks. On their throats are black and white bars striping across their breast. On the body side, these bird posses brown spot which add their attractiveness. Other than their colors, these birds are very active and very fun to watch. Besides, these birds are also famous for their chirping sound. Their voice is considered soft, sweet and pleasant. Thus, no wonder that many people like to take Zebra Finches as their pets.

Zebra Finches are small birds that are easy to take care. They bear any environment wherever they are put in.

Important Facts about Zebra Finches

However, there are some important things that need to be considered when you decide to take care of Zebra Finches as your pets.

beautiful-color-of-zebra-finches1- Cage

Zebra Fincher really likes flying around. Thus you have to choices of where you should put your Zebras. You may either use cage or aviary. Whichever you choose as these birds place, one thing that you should consider is the size. You must provide a big cage or aviary to give as wide space as possible for your zebras to fly over.

2- Equipment

Besides providing a big cage or aviary, it is better for you to provide some pots to place food and water for your Zebra Finches. In addition, if you have female zebra, it would be better if you provide nest box to anticipate any chick.

3- Feeding

beautiful-color-of-zebra-finchesThe primary food for Zebra Finches is seed. Feeding Zebra Finches with millet is allowed as long as you mix it with seed in balance amount. Besides, you can also feed them with green, such as chickweeds or leaves. In addition, Zebra Finches always require fresh water. Thus, you need to change the water daily to keep them healthy.

4- Toy

Zebra Finches do not enjoy playing toy very much. However, you can put small toys or any colorful things as their toys if you want to. You can even put some straws as they will use those to build their nest.

Those are only short review. However, if you want to get deeper explanation of how to take care of Zebra Finches, there have been a lot of books talking about Zebra Finches.


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