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Auxiliary Reins

Horse Names 07/08/2019
Auxiliary Reins

Horse riders can prefer not only the right outfit but also chic bridles and auxiliary reins for their horses. A bridle helps with riding to “lead” the horse through small parades and better to keep it under control. Depending on the sensitivity of the horse and the rider’s hand, it can be decided in which form a bridle can be used. The term bridle is not only the bridle, but also the appropriate denture. Before selecting a suitable bridle, the use and teaching level of horse and rider should be carefully considered.

A bridle consists of several parts. The neck piece is the basic structure, as the other parts of the bridle can be strapped to the head piece. A browband, along with the throat belt, provides the grip that is needed so that the bridle can not slip off the horse’s head. Browband can give the horse a certain extra something with different colors, shapes and rhinestones. For this purpose, a cheek piece is fastened on both sides, which are additionally fastened to the bit. Missing the noseband in its various variations. As a material, leather is often used because it is well to use because of its stability.

auxiliary-reinsAuxiliary reins are understood to be ways that help the rider to achieve a correct leaning of the horse. But here it is important to know how to deal with auxiliary reins. They serve only as an aid to horse and rider. Auxiliary reins are often used at the very beginning of a riding career. In the first riding lessons, a beginner is not yet able to affect his horse’s mouth emotionally. In order to avoid a hard, uncoordinated hand in the sensitive horse’s mouth, the horses are tied off. Even when working on the lunge without a rider, auxiliary reins are often used to give the horse a stretch direction. So it can be loosely worked on the back and solved. Again, there are different ways to tie a horse and use the effects for the training.

There are different types of binders to match the riding style. It should therefore always be paid attention to which one uses, since not every kind for the desired riding way and the training degree of horse and rider is suitable. The assortment for your horses ranges from simple ties, chambon, gogue to various reins and martingales. Each of these binders and auxiliary reins has its own special feature of helping the rider and his horse to work together.

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