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American Goldfinch

Bird Names 08/09/2019
American Goldfinch

American goldfinch is a small beautiful bird, with an attracting so many different color in all over its body. This bird is also known as Wild Canary. American Goldfinch is an attractive bird with an interesting habit when its migrate. These birds love to eat seedheads. They are social birds, which will gather everytime they are migrating and feeding. American goldfinch is a territorial bird, especially when they are nesting. But this kind of aggression is only temporary. During the breeding season the male color is become more attractive, with the bright yellow around its body. It is because they want to attract the female to have a mate. Nowdays human activities much less help American Goldfinch to increase their survival rate. This birds often found in residental area which human lives. People sometimes make a birds feeder to attract more birds to come. So it will help them alive.

Natural Enemy Of American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch like the area which wide open, and in this area there are so much seeds available for them to find food. The like the country with so much field, gardens, orchards, meadows, flood plains. This kind of place is really a suitable places for them to nest. And they will happy to born and raise their children in this kind of area. Beside human there are so many natural predator who become their enemy. Animal like snake, hawk, squirrels, weasels, and blue jays is really become their active enemy. They usually destroy their eggs and kill young Goldfinch. Especially hawks and maybe cats is really enemy to both young and adult Goldfinch . These little body of goldfinch sometimes make them can’t do anything if there is a danger come to them. They often become an easy target for hawks. Its ability to fly are sometime didn’t match with the strength of the hawks.

Bird Feeders For Goldfinch

american-goldfinchBut now with so many people like American Goldfinch, they much less helped by the people who provide some feeders around their house. They provide foods for Goldfinch who came by their home. They usually came to find food and maybe to nest. But with the migration like this their enemy is become different. Animals who live as a pet is usually become their number one enemy. Cats are usually become more curious with the existing of these birds. And they are not only danger for the young but also for the adult birds. They like to catch this birds since its movement is very interesting for them. So people who has pets in their home and also have bird feeders to attract Goldfinch must think this kind of problem.

Because the people who make them migrate from their habitats by clearing their woodland, so people also must think about their new habitats so American Goldfinch not only known by us but also known by our next children. So we have to think seriously about them, their habitats and their continue life. Do you like American Goldfinch? So join me to start think of them.

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