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About the World’s Exotic Birds

Bird Names 13/09/2019
About the World’s Exotic Birds

Birds are amazing creatures. Some species of birds are favorable by pet lovers because of cute appearance, attractive color, beautiful sounds and even lovable behavior. Among those various birds in the world probably the most exotic birds are the kiwi birds. They have size as big as chicken but they are not able to fly. Their only two inch wings are useless for all practical purposes. Solely they are the survivors of an ancient series of birds that include the now extinct Moas.

Exotic Birds

about-the-worlds-exotic-birdsThe exotic birds, kiwis are semi nocturnal animals so rarely happens do they catch in the wild for just a glimpse. In New Zealand and its surrounding region the birds can only be found. There is a strong reason why Kiwis can only be found in New Zealand. There are no large mammals or snakes native to the country. We can understand that snakes will be much attracted to birds like the kiwis as they have the right size as target while do not have ability to fly. In addition to no snakes or large mammals, New Zealand has no bobcats, bears, or tigers making it easier for the exotic birds to survive.

The main factor that decreases the population of these birds now is coming of humans and the presence of house pets such as cats and dogs as the result of England colonization to the island.

The second and the third most exotic group of birds are the condors and hummingbird. The previous mentioned birds are considered the biggest birds of the world while the later are considered the world’s smallest ones. The condors can use their wingspan to float on air thermals without the need to move their wings for miles away. The hummingbirds only have weight of 1.8 grams. Their nest sizes only 3 cm wide. Their body sizes certainly are likely the main factor making both kinds of birds unusual.


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