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A Brief Description About Finch

Bird Names 10/09/2019
A Brief Description About Finch

Finch is popularized as one of the major animals mentioned in the Darwin Theory. This animal’s name is taken from latin word, which is fringillidae or fringilla. Fringilla is the genus of that bird. In Galapagos island, thousand years ago, the bird is used to help Darwin analyze and conclude the theory of evolition. Thus, different shape of bird beaks show what kind of food the bird eat. It is strongly related to the theory mentioned that to be able to survive in one area, individuals have to adapt with the food provided in that area. Thus, individuals who are disable to do so will suffer and die or leave the area. Regerdless the contentof this theory, in this article, the writer is going to elaborate some usefull information about this exotic bird.

Finch Food

The shape of beak affects types of food the bird eat. If there is a finch eating insects and grubs, its beak must be thin and sharp, but if the finch is eating nuts, seeds, and fruits, the shape is usually large claw. This can be one example of the natural selection of microevolution in which the bird that are unable to adapt with the food in the area will not be able to stay and live well in the are. Moreover, it will die. Therefore, taking care of finch in the home, suitable food should be considered much.

Finch Types and Uniqueness

A Brief Description About FinchFinch is exotic and varied in colour and size. The colour of finch plumage can be green, brown, and often black. White plumage colour is seldom found. Thus, the colour is usually combined with bright colour such as yellow, red, and blue. The male finch is usually brighter than the female one. Another special characteristic is that finch is able to sing simple songs and musical. Because of the colour and singing ability, a lot of pet lovers like this type of bird so much. Although the birds’ habitat are only in several particular area such as hawaiian islands, europe, Galapagos, etc, nowadays, finch has been imported and spread out around the world.

There are numerous types of that bird lived in the world, but the writer is going to mentioned several examples such as goldfinch with its red face and yellow black body, crossbill with big size of head and red colour body , and many more. The song is also different from one type to another. Having the bird as one of our collection will give a different feeling. Looking at a unique colourfull finch singing in our home must be so relaxing and enjoyable.


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